Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some days are just full of surprises

Some days are full of surprises. When I clicked on Fox News this morning to see just how crazy our world is today.........they announced a Federal Emergency for the security required at the Inauguration Day which is at the tune of 150 million dollars, just for security. Whew!

So, for some unknown reason I just googled the White House to see some pictures. I didn't realize you can take a tour of the White House online and I spent well over an hour reading and taking an online tour of the White House mansion. I think its worth sharing as I know I have never been able to take a tour officially of the White House. This is a good substitute.

Oh year, and Obamas old car chrysler 300 is for sale on ebay at 1 million dollars now.

Ok, I'm trying to like Obama, I really am.......I'm just afraid of what our country is going to be facing in terms of economics and war with him. Let's hope for the best.

I'm not so much a "history"person but I do like looking at the Kennedys photos and I saw one with Jackie in it on this website as they were showing photos of each room and the grounds during decor changes and updates through the years.

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