Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Colors of Spring

Ren went out in the sunshine for a bit. I think Ren needs some Rogaine. He used to be tan with white markings! He is like the Velveteen Rabbbit........all his hair loved off. Remember that book? I guess he can say he is "Real" now!

Raven used to be black, but now a yellow-black color from all the pollen which is pretty heavy here in Georgia right now.
But the new growth and blossoms of Spring are pretty. We have things growing around our house and in the woods that we cannot identify. For example, this tree/flower. We almost cut this down last year as it didn't bloom and actually looked like a weedy-looking.......something.
But we didn't and this year it has about 8 blossoms. They are kinda big and here is one of them. I think it's a keeper.

If I could add one thing in my yard/woods, I would have pink dogwoods.......lots of pink dogwoods!
Today I
  1. had a Butterfinger Blizzard---YUM---the second best comfort food besides grits
  2. went to work
  3. then to physical therapy afterward---OUCH!
  4. sighed at all the housework I haven't done
  5. sighed at all the pollen on the porches
  6. saw a little boy fly a kite with his dad
  7. went to look for a new/used car that is not as hard to drive as the Mustang
  8. winced at the prices of cars---WOW
  9. wondered what 65 will feel like, if 45 feels like it does today......
  10. ordered 4 skeins extra of silk floss for the Sarah Bottomley sampler----running short on thread in a kit is one of my phobias! Honestly.

So excited to get happy things in the mail! Got The Sampler Girl Companion, booklet 4, today.
I'm soooo excited and oh, there is a very good diagram in there of the herringbone stitch!!! I searched on the internet for a diagram of the herringbone and didn't realize how many variations and such there are, so I actually stopped one of the older Scarlett Letter patterns because the diagram with it was hard to follow. The one in the Sampler Girl Companion is much easier to understand. of the patterns in this booklet will make a lovely gift for someone special I have in mind. I have a bit of ADHD I think, lots to work on now.........just got to sit still for a bit. Hope everyone has a great evening and stay safe and content.......



  1. I think that thingy is a peony. Love the puppies!

  2. Thanks! I would have never known it was a peony. My hubbie and I were hoping someone could identify what it is. It's quite "branchy" this year. Glad we didn't cut it down last year. Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Poor Ren. I feel kinda sorry for him. He must love being outside.

  4. Yeah, he does love it. I just took him out after lunch and he just soaks the sun in. He started losing his hair several years ago, no inflammation, just plain old. Vet says its part of his age. I just held him for awhile in the sun and he loved it. Funny, I was thinking he might need sunscreen if he stayed out too much! LOL

  5. Oops.....I was just noticing that yesterday I put the Sampler Girl Companion--Booklet 4 and I meant 3 instead. I must have missed the wrong key.....hey, but I cant wait to see Booklet 4 this summer!


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