Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back from EMG Testing

My morning started out getting a nerve conduction test in my left arm and hand. He found nerves in my arms and muscles with needles that I thought I never had! As the Doc cranked up the volume on the needle, I jumped and jumped. He says its definitely the ulnar nerve that's the problem and bad news he wants me to see the Orthopedic surgeon again. Phooie! I'm going to keep going to physical therapy and hope it will help alone. Just dread the thought of having surgery again on the nerve at my elbow. I'm just going to take one day at a time, hoping to avoid surgery.
Still working on the car thing. I was thinking today how our thoughts on what kind of car changes over the years..........

age 16----"Oh, I want a car, don't care what kind it is, just an old used car---just something to drive so that mom or dad don't have to take me places"

Then as the years roll onward-----"My car won't make it anymore. It has about 250,000 miles on it now, wrecked couple of times. I gotta get a another one. Going to swing those car payments now"

Then, even later-------"Oops, gotta a couple of kids now, going to splurge and get a brand new car, a larger one that will hold those baby seats-----a four-door for sure with lots of room."

Then, later-------"Kids can drive now. Gotta make sure its a safe and practical one."

Then, "Man! Kids don't need me to take them anywhere. They drive their own car. Oh, I want a brand new sports car!"

At 45----"Gosh, my joints are aching and I can't even close the car door. I don't care what it looks like but I gotta look for a new car............"

Age 65----"It's a good ole car......gets me to the grocery store and church......that's all I need."

Over 70----"What car? Is that my car?"

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