Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update on Stitching Projects

Here is a new start from The Scarlett Letter. I just had to start another sampler. The colors are very pretty and are varied in blues, rust, black, and browns. The stitches include the herringbone stitch, which I am having some difficulty with but plan to learn better. The herringbone stitches will comprise the borders of seven layers. These are two very early reproduction samplers, Francis Bliss and Lydia Hinckley. Guess what? The J is missing again. Of course the dates are in the 1700's so again, the J was not even yet in the alphabet. The fibers are regular DMC floss on 25 count fabric. This is a reproduction of 2 small samplers in a museum.

The Twiggs sampler, number 1 and number 2 small samplers. I stopped to take a break with one over one thread on the second one. Its very tiny and I can only do with magnifying light. These two will be separated when finished and framed as a pair. They are from The Scarlett Letter reproduction samplers.

This is a couple of pics of my almost complete Dutch sampler. I have one and a half letters to go! 2001 is the year we got married and moved here in the mountains.

The drive to work today was pretty cold but we are supposed to be having some 70 degree weather by Friday, Sat and Sunday. I'm off tomorrow and will enjoy sleeping in and then hopefully will get some cleaning done. I've put it off too long now.
I went to the library on Tuesday and got a sequel movie to Love Comes Softly which I returned. We enjoyed this movie over the weekend. I did not realize that there were actually a series of 7 movies following it and can't wait to see the next one. That's one good thing about checking out movies from the library~~2 weeks to return them!
On the cooking scene this week, I finally made some corned beef and cabbage. I have to say that after watching it boil for 3 hours I didn't have the appetite to eat it! It's something I can eat in a restaurant already cooked but if I have to cook it then I just can't eat it.....until next time.......
stay safe and warm!


  1. I love all the samplers you're working on. I think the Scarlett Letter is one of my favorite sampler companies. I'm working on Ann Medd now (and will be working on her for quite a while). You have some great WIPs and you're so close to a finish on your Dutch sampler! Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Thanks Deb. Isn't it fun? I just love stitching. I like the Scarlet Letter ones too and I actually a while back got a couple of great deals on EBAY where people were just cleaning out their stash and the older patterns/kits had more floss in them. Yes, one of my favoritie things to do is to look at their gallery online!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!

  3. By the way Deb, that sampler you have on your pic there is beautiful. I see where you like to knit too!!! I tried to start that but got stuck but plan to get someone to help me again so I can finish this little scarf.


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