Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Snow Today

Well, the snow didn't come to White County, Georgia......that is to stick at all. We had a few flakes and got excited....then it stopped......then it started again......then we got excited.....then it stopped.....Tom is huddled in one of the front porch chairs and can't believe we didn't get snow. He is absolutely disappointed! He has been saving up for winters like this. He has gotten a little broader, don't ya think?

But Phil was busy reading in his corner of the world........of course, if you could see him closer, you would see one eye to the right out the window..... waiting on the snow......
And Tom, well Tom is still huddled in his chair, gazing out the front yard........

It's a good thing it didn't snow for a week because I have just cooked and cooked all weekend. After I had some chocolate cake today, I"m bouncing all over the living room from the caffeine and sugar.......while Phil says....."I can't believe it didn't snow!" He is stunned and I am hyper.......our usual opposite reactions......LOL
But there's nothing that hot tea or a glass of wine won't cure...........but oh, how, I wished it would have snowed.

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