Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things that Make My Heart Sing

Here are some things that make my heart sing~~~~~~

  1. sunset over the mountains
  2. Waverly curtains
  3. silk floss
  4. the library
  5. any bookstore
  6. any stitching shop
  7. I must confess.......The Young and the Restless
  8. a hug from my honey
  9. a footrub from my honey
  10. a long soak in a hot tub with some really good bath salts
  11. calls from my kids
  12. a day off from work
  13. looking through my stitching stash
  14. walking on a nice warm day in the mountains
  15. watching Nancy Grace cases on TV and finally getting closure on finding the perps and/or missing individuals
  16. a trip to Chicago to visit
  17. Little House Needlework designs
  18. looking at reproductions samplers online
  19. sleeping late.......really being able to sleep late
  20. New shoes
  21. cinammon rolls, hot and gooey

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