Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Work of Valentines

Today I'm off, and hope to go to stitch group in Hawaissee from 12-5p. I plan to take my Valentine Day project which I can't wait to share. I have a good deal done on it but I can't post a picture because my Valentine might see it! I really like working with the colors though, I can say that much.
This year Valentines falls on a Saturday which is good for celebrating I guess. I'm sure ours will be a quiet one at home and I imagine with the economy as it is, many people will be doing the same. I saw on the 15 day forecast that we may get alot of snow that weekend. That would be absolutely fabulous to me. Then we can make snow angels and take pics of the beautiful mountains here.
I'm also working on my little Valentine packages for Brandon and Meghan. It is such fun!
Well I better get busy now. Until later, stay safe and happy.

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