Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I did today

Things I did today:
1. slept late
2. had breakfast in bed
3. held Ren and danced with him in the kitchen
4. made some buttered toast for Ren
5. Kissed my husband goodbye twice.
6. Drove through North Georgia Mountains up to Hawaissee
7. Listened to some old songs on the radio
8. Wore my cowgirl boots and jeans
9, Stitched on my Valentines gift for Phil
10. Stitched on the Dutch Sampler

11. Visited the cross stitch store in Hawaissee

12. Watched 2 episodes of The Young and Restless late at night online
13. Read my favorite blogs.
14. Played Jim Brickman music on the piano
15. Prayed for my family's safety.
16. Built a fire in the fireplace.

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