Monday, February 2, 2009

Take it or Leave it

How many times have we all heard the phrase "Take it or leave it"? There is alot of truth behind that saying if one thinks about it long enough and has lived........well, let's say more than a year or so past formula and cereal. I've come to the conclusion that there are two types of folks. Givers and takers. Some people love to give and some people prefer to take. Its just an unfortunate situation but it seems that the imbalance of giving too much can wreak havoc on mental and physical health. What's worse about thinking about this today is that I know I'm guilty of being a giver too much and I think sometimes in trying to please so many people and giving my all, I have days where I forget my own self.
I know I'm not alone in this situation as my profession works mostly with women. I see the results of being pushed to no end. And I have to stop and think about what in the world did Laura Ingalls do in Little House on the Prairie? Yes, I think women at that time had the same duties at home but now, society expects us to do just about everything with nothing and give all and have the same results. Somehow this equation is not making sense to me.
I will definitely continue to stitch on my Dutch Alphabet, or blackwork sampler, as this seems to be my feeling today. I love having the Internet and blogging, meeting people from all over the world. It really has helped to find people who have similar interests to kind of balance the heaviness and who really don't mind listening.

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