Friday, March 24, 2017

Slow and Steady Project--Cozy Memories Blanket

I actually have a few more squares finished since these pics have been taken but I thought I would share my very slow progress. I've really enjoyed reaching into my leftover DK basket and having a sense of accomplishment with each square.

I had many ends to weave in, so I decided to do that as I go.

They are not all perfect but measure approximately 3.5 inches each

I have no idea how big I want this to be. I think I have a long way to go before I think about it too!

Of course, in my dreams I would like it to cover a good portion of a double bed.
That would take years. 😄

Update on daddy:

Spent 3 days with dad this week. He had developed pneumonia, spiking a temp of 103 on Sunday night. He is doing a bit better and my brother made a visual chart with letters on a clear plexiglass 16 x 20 set up like this:

A  B  C  D
E  F  G  H
         I  J  K  L  M  N
        O  P  Q  R  S  T
           U  V  W  X  Y  Z

Each letter is in caps and in a block. The vowels are put on the ends for ease.  He can only communicate with nods yes or no.
With this he has followed well with spelling words out with the use of this chart with only staring at the letter until we align it on the opposite side and point. It's actually very unique and I think my brother did a great job at making it. Very clever.
While he is quadraplegic and has a trach, this is about the only way we can communicate. The therapist has talked to me and my brother about trying next week to use something to help with his trach. 
He does get frustrated and tired sometimes and we respect that and let him rest.

One of my cousins came to visit and my brother, my cousin, and myself sat around daddy's bed talking about alot of things we did together when we were very young. I could tell my daddy enjoyed that alot. My brother and I talk to him about things we used to do as kids and he can't smile but he can nod and roll his eyes and sometimes, maybe it's me, I can see a smile in his eyes. He does say with his mouth I love you and of course, we say alot of I love yous to each other. 

Thank you for the prayers and the positive thoughts sent out way. It really means alot to all of us.

On the writing homefront, I have got more accomplished in writing a book.
It's a devotional for medical professionals. I'm learning a new program actually on a new computer.
I like the lightness of the MacPro and indeed find writing at his bedside one of my best creative writing spots while he is napping.
Due to copyright, I cannot give out the name of the book as of yet but in time, I will.
I have a publisher that connects with me from time to time and is very interested in the final product.

Not too unlike my knitting, I can find times in which I can write more than others.

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