Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Flashback----The Waltons and Spencer's Mountain

Tonight, I've settled in with a good book that I happened upon, going up and down the public library isles last week. I was really not looking for anything special, but the library has always been a quiet place for this introverted-spirit to roam. The quietness of the rooms and variety of old and new books fills my mind with diversions I sometimes need in a busy pace of life.

 I was there to take back a couple of books, always telling myself that I really didn't need to check out any books right now, as life's pace is pretty busy; however, that little tug in my heart to just "see" what was in the library took me down an aisle of randomness. True randomness.

It must have been a matter of fate because I'm a lover of The Waltons TV program. 
We have been watching re-runs for a couple of years now on the inspiration channel and in fact it is one of the 3 programs ( I don't watch alot of TV) that I will just sit and watch the entire episode, never tiring of seeing one again and again, knowing very well the story and the ending.

The episode takes me back to the years of high school and college when The Waltons TV program was very popular. I always yearned to live in the mountains. 

Low and day I did.

While roaming in the library I picked out an interesting book that drew my attention because of the handmade bookcover. I love an old book. Don't get me wrong. I love my Kindle too but a very old book I love more.

When I saw the author, Earl Hamner, Jr., I raised an eyebrow and had not heard of this book, but I knew he was the writer in The Waltons show.

Published in 1961, I guess this book has been read quite a bit. It's spine is reinforced and the handmade, wallpaper cover had me interested. 

And remembering, don't judge a book by it's cover, I just had to pull this one.

I turned through the pages and sure enough, it's the story where The Walton's came from. I have heard Spencer's Mountain is also a movie but I have not seen it. Where have I been?

And so, the old book, had to come home with me. Tonight, as I picked it up, I looked up to see what was on TV.

A meeting of the minds I guess.

Old Zebulon, is the grandpa in the book but John Boy is called Clay Boy. The other characters have some differences but so far it's right along the lines of the setting as The Waltons. However, in browsing through this version, it is a little less demure..........

It's interesting what peaks our memories and mind sometimes. I'm definitely curling up by the woodstove with some chapters of this book.............................

because it's due by next week and ......

I don't think I'm checking another book out right now......again..........but......

well you know how that will go next week. :0





Grab a book this evening and read a bit. Does the soul good.

Abbie is curled up next to me tonight. I think she is ready to go to bed.

Good night, John Boy.


  1. I grew up with the Waltons and have watched the show over and over again. Grandpa was my favourite character, I was so sad when the actor passed away, it changed the show for me. Nice to see you blogging again.

  2. I remember the Waltons! We never missed it at my house!
    Glad to see you back at blogging! It's good to see a photo of Abbie!
    I have blogged for almost a year and it's been so much fun! Please visit my blog when you have a chance!

  3. I too grew up watching The Waltons! I absolutely loved that show :) I also love books,especially old ones, and the public library is still one of my favorite places to go! I will have to look for Spencer Mountain! I am glad to see you blogging again, I have missed you!

  4. What a Providential book find! Enjoy reading this weekend : )

  5. Love the Waltons! Good to see you back!

  6. Never missed that show. A simpler, calmer time. Wish there were shows like that now. I could use a little. Won't forget the "good nights"


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