Saturday, January 17, 2015

Abigail's New Winter Coat

Miss Abbie recently got a new Winter coat. She gets one every Christmas. Perhaps, it's a tradition now as it was when I was a little girl, and I for sure got one from my daddy every Christmas.

Anyhoo, she is sporting a pretty muted-pink and cream, houndstooth pattern with gold buttons and fleece -lined.

She says please excuse the stray ball of yarn that fell out of the basket!

She really likes this one. I can't say she does all of her little outfits, but this one was in her liking it seems.

She just cuddled up and watched a little TV and warmed her bumm by the fireplace.

Now, I'm jealous as I would love to find myself a muted-pink, houndstooth jacket.........

but I guess we can say that this "hound" is sporting houndstooth in a sweet way!

Abbie is a cuddler. A lap-begging, furbaby and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
She is sweet as she can be. At Christmas, she went on a little trip with me to my home place to spend time with my parents. People are different around animals in the house, and I really respect that. My mom is definitely a "no animal in the house" kind of lady but we packed up Abbie's little playpen and potty paper and a diaper bag full of treats and food, and off we went. She actually enjoys riding, well~~~~~ that is after we pass the vet's office, then she enjoys it for sure.

And by the end of the trip, she melted my mother's heart, so my daddy and I were both scrambling with each of our cameras to get a pic of the two. My daddy "babysat" for me the day after Christmas so we could go shopping! He actually called us and said he had changed the baby's diaper. :P

She wore her little black dress and the tail just couldn't stay still. 

She just wanted to share some love. 

Isn't it a cool thing that animals have such unconditional love?

She is such a blessing. I can't believe she is 5 years old now.


  1. So sweet! Miss Abbie could sit anywhere she wanted at my house...:))

  2. That is a precious picture of the "two girls" enjoying each other! They BOTH look happy!

  3. Our little Henry is the same. He is five and a lap begging, cuddler. I take him to an assisted living home and we visit. Yes, dogs are such a blessing from God.

  4. What a little sweetheart! So cute in her coat.It's something about these little ones that can melt your heart.
    My little Sophie will not wear a coat or sweater at all, but she loves to smuggle in her blankets.

  5. is miss abbie aong hair[fine hair] chihuahua? she is sure a sweety. i have along hair male black his name is ozzie and he hates his coats.but he also is a cuddler he will be 11 yrs old this summer still going strong nancy

  6. Thanks all! I have always thought about taking Abbie to the nursing home but wasn't sure how she would react because she can get barckie if she doesn't know someone. But it's one of my goals. Abbie is a US registered service dog as well, so I can take here in about most places. Her social skills have improved alot.

    Yes, she is a registered long hair chihauhau, white with brindle markings.Alot of people ask me if she is a Pomeranian, I guess because they look similar around the face and tail.

    She is a skinny little thing when she is wet at bedtime. Very funny then.


  7. Such a sweet coat ~ great pic of her with your mom!


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