Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Wednesday Wow!


Old Quilts

Really Old Quilts

I spent the afternoon cleaning out closets and have much more to go at the homestead. I actually have an empty big closet that I can use my imagination with a little. This quilt in the pic is the oldest one I have and I can't tell you how many years it's been loved, for it was bought antique back in the 80's.

I have, since then, bought more old quilts but this one is special because it was the first one I bought antique and has been with me through years.
It's been put to good use and still has more years to go.
Right now the quilt is just one of several on display and at which occasional time, I will change the quilts around on the beds at home.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I literally bundled myself up in it during the last trimester as my need for sleep was about 24-7 for some reason.

Then again, back in the 80's when I bought this old quilt, I even used this for a tablecloth for awhile. I would remove it when it was time to eat, but it really added alot to a country style kitchen I had.

This quilt also has been through raising two kids which both would curl up on the couch or in their room with it or drag it around while they were toddlers.

Ren (my last chi that passed) and Abbie both have tunneled themselves in this big heavy quilt too!

It's been through it's time. 

There are a couple of frayed parts where the cotton batting is seen and I need to fix them because even though it's that worn out, probably about 50 years old now, I can't bear to give it away.

I have never quilted but always admired those who have. I like to read quilter's blogs and stories when I have the time to. I always wanted to knit and finally learned to. I've had this little pull to quilt but I haven't tried any of it........yet.

I think one day, later rather than sooner as life is busy as a bee right now, I will learn some basic quilting.
However, I think it takes a special person, most-talented to make all those cuts and shapes so perfect to make one final product to withstand years and years. 

I'm not sure I'm that person. Geometry was not my favorite subject. (honestly)

Maybe one day when I'm old, I will learn to quilt.

And probably when I do, I will still have this first, old quilt I bought--- before my kids were even born-- at an antique store, and still admire it's aged beauty.

Retired now to a special place on display, the old quilt can be brought down again to wrap it's heavy, comforting thickness around me and it's coziness, warmth and promise will remind me that something so very old, can still bring a lot of happiness on a cool, Fall day.

And I'm SO ready for a Fall day!


May we all strive to be like the old quilt~~~

to be strong
to cover and protect
to warm the heart
to last a good lifetime
during good and bad times
and cherish for hope
~~~~~~~through generations

Till later,

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  1. What a beautiful old quilt, full of your lovely memories! I wonder what other memories this quilt holds, from another unknown family and place! I would definitely display and cherish it--like an old friend!
    It is definitely time for fall--this hot weather must go! I'm seeing fall things in the stores and it puts me in such an autumn mood!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
    And don't forget to check out my Prairie Schooler giveaway!


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