Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Scarlett Letter Sampler Finished and Framed

This week I finished up the Antique Alphabet Sampler by The Scarlett Letter. I enjoyed the color and variety of the silks that were in the package.

 So one more WIP completed from my stash!

The measurements the sampler called for did not turn out to be the ones on linen but it's all good!
The Antique Alphabet Sampler
designer, The Scarlett Letter
25 count unbleached linen
silk thread supplied in kit
stitched 1 over 1 as directions in kit

I framed this myself with hubbie's help as well. This frame I had in my stash, found once in a junkin' store and contained a very old black and white photo of a young man dressed in late 18th century clothing. He was quite dapper! It was not until I peeled the paper off and removed the old wire they had for hanging that I saw a name and date.

There are slightly rusty nails that held the picture in. I actually used them again to hold in the sampler on a board piece.
The frame has one ding in it and also 2 of the joints are not tightly flush but this is what you get with vintage frames and to me it adds character.
I often wonder when I find such items, who the person was, was he a local or did the framed picture migrate from estate auctions to the junkin' store from states away?
I had the picture but misplaced it and I'm sure it's somewhere in my stitching space.
The rest of the frame has been well preserved. If this young man, who appeared to be no older than 25 years old, was truly born and died in the years written, the frame would date to be mid 18th century.
 I paid 2.00 for the frame. I'm glad I can repurpose this with a small sampler.
Something right off that also told me later this frame was old was the odd dimensions. It is not a true to size 5 x 7 but more like 4 3/4 x 6 3/8.
I know that frames can be made to fit certain pieces individually but there was quite a bit of space around him in the picture.
All in all, I like the walnut wood and will treasure it on my sampler wall in the family room.
I have one from the Scarlett Letter on the far left bottom that is actually part 1 of a two part sampler. I already have the matching frame for the second sampler and had started it long ago. When I complete this one, I will need to rearrange my sampler wall in this room a bit.
This is the next WIP in my stash I picked up. The NPI silks are gorgeous for this coverlet piece. This one is designed by The Scarlett HOUSE........a different designer than above.
I miss counted 2 threads off to start the head of the bird so I am frogging out back to the neck and restarting, hoping to get the count right. Just 2 threads off would have put it off in appearance.
This one when finished will most likely be framed very similarly as above in the picture.
Abbie is finally getting some peaceful time.
 This week has been a real chaotic time but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank heavens for homeowners insurance but OMG at the deductible and at such a bad time... (really when is a good time LOL)
The pipe that burst is cleaned all up. The hammers and machines that sound like jets have ceased, just for a little bit. The new flooring for the kitchen will be on order tomorrow but will take a week to come in. This project has propelled my sweet hubbie and I to be able to do some re arranging in the house for our needs and more practical.
The kitchen island although very useful 10 years ago with teenagers at the time, now is going to the utility room in the basement for storage of linens, quilts, and the big counter top for folding.
The wood table that really was an eye sore in the basement will be repurposed with a little oil based painting and cutting down the legs to a picnic area outside looking over the mountains on the property. My DH will build benches for it.
The kitchen will have a large braid rug with our table for cozy eating for 2, 4 or 8 actually.
And on and on with re-establishing our home to fit our basic needs.
I think all in all it will be more functional. The guest bedrooms will be also rearranged for better function. We also will have some painting to do maybe in the kitchen cupboards.
Feathering the nest is quite a job but as long as love is in the home, it's worth every bit and we feel so blessed to have a home.
Hope your weekend is a good one.


  1. Alphabet sampler is gorgeous and looks beautiful framed - love the walnut wood. Pretty new wip, those colors look so amazing and rich.
    love Annette

  2. You always do such a wonderful job of feathering your nest, Jennifer. Your latest sampler is really sweet and I love the story of the frame. :)

  3. oh thanks, ya'll! I love to work on our home. I did so enjoy the colors and the patterns of this sampler. Simple but pretty from The Scarlett Letter. The frame was an awesome find!!!


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