Friday, December 20, 2013

Homestead Keeping---my New Year's resolution

 A website, blog AND book is great to keep your homestead on a cleaning schedule. I so much tend to not be structured when it comes to house cleaning so I found this website and it's a really good info for homemakers.

The Time Warp Wife blog is really a great one to add if you like to keep a house a clean home with good ideas on a planning, cleaning, etc.

I decided this year to not pull out all the Christmas decorations as usual and so starting off my New Years resolution will be easier. I think. :) I have just enough out to make it a simple Christmas this year and sometimes simple is really sweeter.

This past month I've been parting with many things and it feels good to clean out the clutter from many years gone by. I like to make my hubby happy with a clean homestead to welcome him home from a long days work. This blog writer actually has a book on the subject incorporating basic scripture in the whys and hows. So my New Year's resolution is to have a more structured cleaning schedule. We'll see how it wing-it method is not working. :0

Things, yes things, that I find hard to let go and should are  books, shoes, clothes, and linens.

Take a look-see of the blog if you like improvement reading!

I hope this finds you Merry and Bright on this Friday afternoon before Christmas!
I've finished my Christmas shopping and one last trip to the post office and a couple of town trip day errands this week will then be followed by curling up with a good Christmas book, movie, and knitting.

As for a good Christmas movie, The Christmas Box is a really good one and is coming on tomorrow night. I can't wait! I've seen it probably about................4 times now and it is good every time I see it.

The ham is in the fridge and just waiting on a good long bake on Christmas day. We have some sweet potatoes that I will be making a soufflé. Mr. Darcy wants mashed potatoes (my special)  and gravy (and he makes the best gravy). I am thinking of making a yellow layer cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. Green bean casserole just is not going to make it this year. :P
But.........baked acorn squash in the oven is another side. 7 layer salad most likely will also make the menu this year. I LOVE this salad and it's so pretty in a clear bowl too.

Stay cozy and warm,


  1. Hi Jennifer, I always enjoying seeing photos of your cozy homestead! Everything exudes warmth and peacefulness. Thanks for the heads up about the Christmas Box movie! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your delicious meal!

  3. I used to clean my entire house every two weeks, of course keeping up with making beds and laundry and other small stuff every day. But two weeks ago I decided to break up the chores into 7-day blocks, where I do one major chore every day, and each week the entire house is clean, but I am only spending 10 minutes a day doing it. Works like a charm for me!


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