Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finished Summer Shawl

I'm so pleased with finishing this. The yarn is really 50/50 cotton/ acrylic like Tshirt material, well-worn. This is going to be great to throw over tanks or t-shirts this Summer and the color really goes well with denim jeans.

My Comfort Summer Shawl

With a simple tie in the front, this will be a staple in my Summer casual wear. I also have a silver ring I can use instead of the tie method and just scoot it up front to be a nice touch with silver jewelry.

I really didn't use any particular pattern. I just gartered mostly with adding knit front to back stitches to increase gradually. I cast on about 15 stitches to start.

I will not block this one as it's stretchy and soft and already is how I like it with airy spaces. I stitched this Sensations yarn "Boardwalk" (from Joanne's Crafts) with a # 15 inch circular 19in. It was quite full but held all the stitches until binding off.

I used only 1 skein which has 379 yards on it. I had about 30 yards left. I did that on purpose to make Miss Abbie a matching piece.

I don't have a swimming pool but if I did, I would imagine I could use this as a lower bathing suit cover by tying it to the side.

This was certainly fun to stitch as it was the kind of mindless stitching that even watching a movie or TV show was possible while working with it.

On a more somber note, I have been watching the pictures on TV of the deadly Oklahoma storm and my prayers go out to all affected. I hope my stitchy friends from Oklahoma are not hurt.
Watching this, reminds me I should never complain for I'm blessed more than I realize.
I can't imagine how frightened it was for parents not to be able to find their children. Just devastating.

Dear God,

I love you and praise you for all you have done in our lives. I specifically pray this morning for the victims and families of the people in Oklahoma touched by the devastation of the storm yesterday. We cannot fathom what this storm left to the victims, what they went through and still going through in its aftermath.
We praise your name and thank you for our blessings. We don't always understand, dear God, why these tragedies happen, but we put faith in you, to minister to all the survivors and their families. Please help them find the recovery they need and embrace the rescuers as they expend massive amounts of energy to save those still trapped. We will pray without ceasing for hope for more survivors.

We pray this prayer in your name,


  1. Your wrap is beautiful and I don't knitt but I crochet and the mindless stitching is so refreshing . Your prayer is precious and the Lord hears it as we read it and pray with you

  2. Darling shawl Jennifer. I'm so impressed that you are doing so well with your new hobby!
    Lovely prayer too. We are all praying for the victims of this storm.

  3. Its beautiful and will be wonderful to wear no doubt. We have been watching the news here in the UK and our hearts go out to all those affected by the dreadful storm x

  4. Your shawl looks great and I'm sure you will get lots of opportunities to wear it.


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