Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shawlette Progress Near Completion

And here I am almost at the end of the tightly wound skein! I can't wait to spread this out when I bind off!

Then off to finish the pink scarf (almost to the end) for a gift for someone.

Speaking of gifts..........this is one of mine.

always a smile and a good attitude no matter what the situation.
It's a lovely change! :P
I do love the chaps, Mr. Darcy.
And. Back.
Hope your Thursday is going good!
We have so much at the homestead to get done for Spring. I hope we can finish painting the rails soon. They need it bad.
We got quite a bit of rain yesterday. When I left work the car thermometer said 88. When I got home, it read 66. Now that's the biggest change in such a small amount of time I've ever seen.
But home is always cooler in weather, but warm at heart.
Taking one day and color at the time,


  1. Your shawl is coming along nicely.

  2. The shawlette is looking great! So is your hubby! LOL

  3. Looking forward to the big reveal once you get it all blocked.

    Blessings always


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