Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Good Surprising, and Learning sort of Day

I had the best day today, busy, but on my mission of errands today I saw this little yarn shop, stopped by and met the owner and she said that knit group was this afternoon! I had no idea.  I hurried and got me a burger and then went back to work with about 8 folks who were the sweetest and I had a really good time.

Of course, she has the best of yarn to work with and in the group she helped with learning how to knit front to back stitch to increase and also use a circular needle for the first time. Awesome!
She had very soft music playing in the background AND a designer visiting who also dyes her own yarn. She is planning to teach a class this Summer. More info on that later. Click here for the store website:


She showed me on a simple free pattern how to make a small shawlette. This yarn was very different...........I used # 15 circular needles----big, fat ones.

She had a model of one stitched in the shop in another color but I liked this for jeans and casual wrap for the Summer plus I'm drawn to teals and blues. It's nice and airy. I think it will stitch up fast.
Only 1 skein for this one but the pattern states you can use 2 if you want a really big shawl.

Brand---Litoral  Aslantrends
this is machine washable in cold water!

It's really hard to show when I'm taking the pics because the shawlette when finished has pretty large holes in it but they are all squished right now.

Stretched, it looks awesome. I can imagine this little wrap with a turquoise Tshirt! 1 skein. Would make a very pretty birthday or Christmas gift.

I got to here while chatting in knit group. I can't wait to finish it, so I can wear it now.

I can't express how much learning to knit has helped me cope with the stress load this year. I will have to digress at this point. My faith, my loving husband and knitting has helped me cope with the aftermath of some traumatic things this year.

My favorite time of day is knitting close on the sofa with Mr. Darcy while we watch The Waltons.
That show is our addiction. :P  I'm sooooo serious. We love it. Mon-Fri.

Speaking of encouragement, I prayed this morning for God to speak clearly to me and that sometimes I just need a sign..................well, ye of little faith(me today) on my way to an assignment/errand was trying to find the right place with the GPS system, and I was lost (I know even with a GPS system LOL) and I looked up at the turn and someone out of the blue had a old board that had Isaiah 55:3 written on it in white paint and nailed to the tree. I have no idea why. It was near a business that looked pretty much run down so I had to look that up when I got home and ended up reading the whole chapter. Very encouraging.  Just food for thought.

Give ear and come to me; listen, that you may live. I will make an everlasting covenant with you, my faithful love promised to David. Isaiah 55:3 NIV

Purl of Wisdom----sometimes when we are literally lost and finding our way, God knows how to encourage us even when we have days of little faith. He gives us the knowledge but it's up to us to apply it.

So today I:

got one mission accomplished today at a new place
got to learn a new knitting stitch---knitting front to back to increase
got to eat the best hamburger I've had in a long time. loaded
got by chance to see a yarn store AND found new friends, with free laughter, conversation, and knitting advice.
got to meet a knitting designer!
got to learn circular needles for the first time!!!

got to share it with YOU! 

Taking life one day at the time,



  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Laughter, friendship, learning, and a great hamburger :) I know you have been enjoying knitting, but don't forget to cross stitch once in a while :)
    Have a wonderful Wednesday! Carolyn

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely day. Your yarn is very pretty I look forward to seeing your shawl finished.

  3. I love the colors of your shawl. It's going to be so pretty.

    I look forward to each of your posts. You are learning go much and it's fun sharing it with you.

    Isn't God awesome. There you are down the wrong road, and there is a sign just waiting for you. Praise God!

    Blessings always

  4. So like God to give you just what you needed when you exactly needed it! I like the yarn in your new shawl. Make sure you post a photo of yourself wearing it with jeans and a teal t-shirt. :)


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