Saturday, February 16, 2013

Polishing up the Week with a Dishcloth

This week went by in such a rush! 

I finally caved an had the hand checked out and an MRI yesterday. We'll see on Monday what tendons I've messed up if any.....have no idea. I can still knit if I don't make extreme movements and pulling with it. I wrap it up tight when I do.

Just finished my first dishcloth and so excited!  Just the plain garter stitch for this one, no fancy, smancy, patterns. I honestly am looking forward to using it and Mr. Darcy is probably looking forward to me using it as well as I've neglected chores in order to knit or sleep long nights in this wintry weather.

The wind was so high today that I was reading and all the way across the window flew a cushion on the porch! The chimes though are beautiful and it's peaceful on days like this.

I can't believe we are looking into the 3rd week of February, but I believe I'm getting ready for some Spring weather.

One night this week the electricity went off at 1am and I woke up the Mr. and he and I went to build a fire in the wood stove and stayed partially awake until 7am. Then, I was up cooking scrambled eggs and toast and coffee trying to wake up and warm up.
All of our electricity finally came on at 6am. The sun came out and oh what a family room mess as it definitely looked as if  someone took camp overnight there. :)

We are looking forward with bittersweetness to the last episode of Downton Abbey tomorrow night.
Oh, how I wish this would play for much longer!!

Well, here is my stitching finish.



Eye Candy.



For the Kitchen.

The color is true therapy.

Folded nicely for that first dip in the water.

Speaking of dip in the water, I believe it's time for a nice, hot tub bath soak before bedtime.

 Tomorrow to sampler making again AND more organizing my sewing room that has linen and threads in piles awaiting their homes in the cabinets.

I believe my designing mojo is back for another motif.

Stay warm and cozy,


  1. We heat our house with the woodstove all winter long. The furry family members love to sleep on the warm brick floor and love to sit near the woodstove and watch the birds outside my window. I'm ready for spring though!

    Nice dishcloth and you're right, the colors are wonderful.

  2. The dish cloth came out so pretty Jennifer. I'm working away on the cape I mentioned on my blog and the striping is looking so pretty. Finished a small spring pillow this afternoon. Cross stitched.

    I too wish "Downton Abbey" would last longer. Seems like it just started! I love looking forward to each episode.

    You have a great week and keep us posted on your hand.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches


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