Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Samplers and other Sundries

I hope all is well, sweet friends, and as the early, early touch of Fall in the air at night, the increasing anticipation for nature's production of color is rising. Fall is my fave time of year, always has and probably always will be.
Mr. Darcy is bringing wood up to the wood stand on the big porch and I guess you could say I"m nesting more than usual, in preparation for visits from friends during the leaf-changing season.
I have many projects started but focusing mainly on this one, as I have a perfect reason and purpose when it's completed. As this is a large project, it wil be well worth it. It's stitched in Mulberry fiber and the variations contrast perfectly with the 30 ct Sheepstraw linen.
I'm getting the designing bug again of late so working on some more of those as well.
This week almost finished with another motif on BBD, Love One Another. The mulberry thread is a delight to stitch with.
There is Abbie found in my stitching chair. She loves to jump up there if I have to get up as it's a nice cozy, warm spot for her.
Hey ya'll!
There are actually 3 of these large motifs in a V pattern. I think I'm going to stitch the word Another before doing another motif (that sounded strange, but anyhoo). I'm using a basic hardwood oval frame from The Scarlett Letter, which leaves wrinkles but they will come out with pressing later on the reverse side. If you haven't taken a look at their hardwood frames, go to the website for The Scarlett Letter and cruise for a few.
Mr. Darcy is working on this Hoosier cabinet I had for about 3 years now.
It's a Sellers brand and was won at auction for very little junkin' price.
 Mr. Darcy and I have read alot about Hoosier cabinets used in kitchens in 1900-1930's.
It's basically a baking center.
This will go in Mr. Darcy's kitchen as he has the perfect spot for it.
The handles are red and were previously painted over. We are hoping that in removing the paint it doesn't destroy the handles as they are about 25.00 a piece when buying for renovation.
He used a sander yesterday and interestingly enough, the wood looks in good condition. The middle is the flour holder. It holds pounds and pounds of flour and the sifter is right underneath. Still works. This will be cleaned up well and actually painted white.
One of the doors to the top.
 I'm amazed at how clean this is getting. New hinges of course and most likely repainted instead of stained for it's original finish and I'm not sure but I think Mr. Darcy is sold on my Peach Cobbler. :P
This is a tin I found while junkin' last week at one of my favorite places. I collect old tins in the kitchen and as you can see why, this one for a couple of bucks, won my heart.
The back reads that it is made in England. I LOVE, love, love the sampler print on it as if stitched on the old tin.
Another thing that arrived in the mail of which I am planning to make basic pillows includes this yard of OLD Waverly colonial fabric.
I have always loved Colonial Williamsburg and I dream of another trip back to do more site-seeing there. The blue color is my fave.
I was very please with this snag on Ebay as it's very different and also has the colors of a small Colonial hutch I recently got. I will get more pics on the blog of it next week as I will be on a mission to redo Mr. Darcy's kitchen with some paint/ color in Cabin Red. It's a deep, barn red that is going to look really good. I will take before and after pics.
I just want to say thank you to all who take the time out to read and especially comment and send me emails about different subjects on stitching or homesteading. I love reading them and getting to know other stitchers and readers from all over the world. I also enjoy perusing your blogs as well. There are some gifted, creative spirits out in the world. From one creative spirit to another.........
Peace and love,


  1. Hi Jennifer, I really enjoy reading your blogs. I dont have one yet,, I live south of Atl and my hubby and I want to move up to the mountains so bad, we can smell the air, so all your posts just make me drool.. plus I am in the medical field plus I love to cross stitch..so you see why I love reading about your life and want to say thank you for sharing!!

  2. That piece is really cleaning nicely. Sometimes old furniture never quite makes it to presentable. I love the fabric...nice find.

  3. Beautiful stitching. Love the Mulberry color too.
    Abbie is a cutie as usual.
    And LOVE that cabinet. It will look great once you and Mr. Darcy are finished with it

  4. Wonderful finds!! The cabinet is coming along nicely. :) The antique mall near my kids school has been calling my name as of late-may need to stash a little money away on payday and see what I can find there. :)
    Ginger jumps into my spot when I get up too- haven't figured out if it's because it's warm or she wants me to pay attention to her. ;)

  5. Hi Jennifer~
    Just wanted to let you know that I really love this post! I always enjoy your posts but for some reason, this one here just seemed so homey and all.
    I love your pictures, and isn't that tin something! I have always loved the Hoosier cabinets. They always make me stop and think how much baking went on in the kitchens of yesterday. Now days so many people feel or are just too busy.
    Love the piece you're working on. Keep up the great work with your blog as well as all your stitching and projects.

  6. I love the tin. I would have to chart it and stitch it as a sampler!


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