Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Morning---sharing a finish of Sweet Slumber sampler

Sweet Slumber sampler
designed by Feathers in the Nest
stitched  and finished by Michele at Stitches

This is a quick stitch by Michele. I was totally amazed as I posted it Saturday morning after designing it, she stitched in that day and posted pics on her blog.
Doesn't it look gorgeous the way she finished it?

Her blog is called Stitches

Michelle wrote in her posting:

Nest. I instantly thought this pattern would make a lovely little pillow...one with a fragrant sachet tucked into it on the bed. To really make a fantastic addition to the bed and adventure to relaxation. SO I snagged it, and stitched it up. I had some fabric that I wasn't sure what to stitch on it until this and some lace and ribbon and and and....oh! let me just show you what I've done. LOL The ends come undone so you fragrant sachets will be easy to insert. (SNIFF HERE) LOL yum! It's soft and just so nice. I did change the color choices and the date. Finished pillow sits at 16 inches in length from tip to tip.

Great job, Michelle!!!


  1. Oh I love how Michele has stitched and finished this. It is beautiful.

  2. It must be thrilling to see your design finished so beautifully. Well done, Michelle.

  3. Gorgeous finish :)
    Michele did a great job


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