Thursday, July 19, 2012

Strawberry pin cushions, fat quarters, and matching totes

Today's adventures rambling about with some finds. One I needed, the rest, know the stash has to grow......

this lighted tree has been in my kitchen since Christmas. I saw these Strawberry pin cushions with the black ball pins  (the seeds) and for 50 cents, they add a little Summer to the kitchen.

and they made my skirt fly up............

I've enjoyed this little tree but sadly when the lights go out, they are OUT~so enjoying them while I can.

Mark down on the record I haven't dreamed, smelled or perused through a quilt store in over a year.
So I spent some quality time in an old Victorian quilting store with rooooooooooooooms of colors and picked up these fat quarters to live with my other stash members.

This one I just loved the colors. It's flannel.

Then met with a friend who owns her own business for the past 25 years and knows I'm blogging about this adventure. I went in there to get a duffel bag because this girl has been "on travel" alot these days. My other ones broke the zipper.....soooooo.............she engraved my name Jennifer Ann for free.
The Black thread didn't contrast well but I didn't want anything that screamed at me.

So the duffel, good for an overnight adventure with a little bag to match.

And you KNOW I had to get this bag. It even would be a great cross stitching tote and the engraving is FREE. Takes her about 10 minutes.

She has great prices. This bag has room for a waterbottle, a zipped top and even a little zipped pocket for scissors or other notions.

So, the much-needed day out of the house was well worth the adventure.
By the way, these backs and free monogramming are at Vickies on the square in Dahlonega, Ga.

She amazes me with her machine how straight, how fast, and adept she is with them.

And, if you really are into monogramming, i.e, sheets, pillowcases, shirts, even panties........this lady will fix you up. She has all colors.

So now when I travel, I will not look mismatched together and another plus is these are not too heavy by themselves, a must for ole timers like me. :P

I hope your day was with some peak of fun, a dash of a friend's stories, a Taco Bell, and a good
Cherry Lime Spritzer in this heat!

Till later,


  1. I love your stash enhancement shopping trip after such a long break and always enjoy your cross stitch projects. As I write this we have just had such sad news break about Denver U.S.A. I am on the East-coast of Australia and it is evening, prayers to you all.

  2. wow so sweet..everything is looking super lovely..
    hugs for you xx

  3. Love those strawberries!
    Your bag is lovely. I like how it has your name on it yet it doesn't "scream"at you.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. The strawberries are wonderful. The new bags are beautiful.

  5. how pretty. The strawberries are real cute.

  6. I love your new bag! Beautiful print and the monogramming is too obvious. Enjoy.

  7. What's not to love about this post! Adorable strawberries, fantastic fabrics and oh wow, those totes ~ love them!

  8. I love your new bags. Too cute!

  9. Mmmmmmm... Taco Bell sounds delicious atm. Thanks Jennifer. Great new acquisitions too. Way to go!!


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