Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleepy Tuesday~~~hot at the homestead but beautiful sunshine

In deep thought. She has so many things to think about. Like what toy to play with today and what treat to select from.

I think Abbie had a late night.

Because after her morning treat she is just snoozing away.

Mr. Darcy and I are about to go explore some of the North Ga. mountains,
so yee-haw! putting my cowgirl hat on! I'll take my camera with me!



  1. I alway wonder what my little doggies tihnk about,,abbey is just so cute,,have fun in the mountains. We are planing a trip up there this Oct, do you have any sujusting as to where to go..we are looking for the leaves changing and maybe some quiet activities..thanks.

  2. The breeze down here in Duluth (and I hope at home in Flowery Branch) is nice - now if we could just get some more rain! Good day for a nap - too bad the boss frowns on that :)

  3. Oh thanks! Yes, there are so many beautiful spots up here and October is peak season. The traffic is pretty thick this time of year as leaf lookers and tourists travel to the mountains. Today we went to a few places I will post about probably tomorrow evening now. One place you want to go is Brasstown Bald mountain. IT's quiet, a van takes you to the top and you can see 4 states of mountains. Cost is 3.00. It's never hot there. Gorgeous.


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