Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's in my stitching basket?

Well, I was cleaning out my stash and yup, instead of finding, yes I lost it, my The Coverlet Birds Sampler, I found this one to start on. I think I am drawn to the colors. I got this book from Blackbird Design in March when in Alexandria, VA.
I am tucking my supplies in my new tote and between stitching, reading and playing the piano, or listening to music, I've got my hands full of things to do.

Around the house tonight, Abbie rested all evening until......now......at bedtime, she is ready to play.

yep, here she goes.....

One of the large samplers from the Blackbird Design book, My Dear Friend.
I do love the monochromatic look in red fiber.

There are many in this book to love.

tucked away

in my new stitching tote I haven't used yet.

with my Kindle, Gracie, and my piano

my favorite things. Stitching, music, and reading.

yes, this one will also teach me some new stitches as well

and I can almost visualize where it will go right now when finished.

speaking of love herself........tonight

~~~~~~~~~and Monday has ended

~~~~~~~~~~and Tuesday has begun a few minutes ago

~~~~~~~~~~~and if there were only more hours in the day

~~~~~~~~~~~only a few

~~~~~~~~~~we could savor more of the peace of midnight stitching.

{{{however, a good book is a close second}}

I hope your Monday went well and Tuesday is even brighter.

Remember there is always a bright spot somewhere near an empty chair.

Till later,


  1. Hello

    I'm new to your blog.

    Your stitching is beautiful and the little doggy is so sweet!

  2. Great piece to start Jennifer! And what a pretty project bag. Sweet pic of Abbie.

  3. Your entry made me feel at peace, Brenda. Which is good since I've been up all night, can't sleep. I was cranky, but maybe I'll go nap for a bit now. Thanks for that.

  4. I love that piece and look forward to your progress. I love the red floss. Have a great week.


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