Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Everything Progress and the Beauty of May flowers

Good morning, sweet readers!

I'm starting out my day listening to piano solos which have put Miss Abbie completely into a sleep, reading, catching up on mail, and drinking my tea from Teavana. It's a white tea with orange in it. VERY good.

I hope to work on this also today and do a few errands around the homestead.

This sampler is designed by The Sampler Girl and called My Everything.

Mail greetings such as this show there is really love left in the world.

It's natural Belfast and who can get enough of that?????  a staple for my stash!!!

I ordered a small piece on Ebay and as always , the dear heart of a stitcher, giving and kind, sent extra with it. I will probably stitch A Woman's Heart just designed by Feathers in the Nest on this fabbie.

this old pic for 2 bucks is sweet and reminds me by my reading chair how simple life used to be

The introvert that I am loves to write, read and stitch.

Everything is blooming.

Have a sweet Summer evening!

Till later,


  1. Hi Jennifer!
    What a delightful blog you have! Your stitching is so sweet as is your garden!!
    I've enjoyed my visit :-)

  2. Thank you Lynn! I do feel blessed to have what I do and enjoy the natural beauty of where I live in the mountains. Please come again!!!


  3. Such lovely flowers. Can't wait until I own my own house to put some in. It seems such a waste when you're renting.

  4. Thanks Joy. Yes, I bet renting does put a damper on that. Some of these actually were thought of as weeds and thrown across the drive and then the blue ones get bigger every year. Amazing. I don't know much about gardening. There is alot of shade here.


  5. Hi Jennifer. Do you like ferns? I love them. There are many different kinds too. Also so many interesting and beautiful hostas. Daylilies grow in shade too. Pretty pictures. Take care. ♥

  6. Your garden is beautiful! The hydrangea is stunning.

  7. Wow, your flowers look beautiful, Jennifer. Grats on the progress, and on the extra. That's awesome!!

  8. The flowers are so pretty. My fav is the hydrangea :)

  9. Good morning Jennifer - what a wonderful post.
    I love visiting and seeing all your accomplishments - and there are many.
    I've seen that picture over the years and it certainly does evoke a time of 'slowness' where we weren't tied up with hurry, hurry, hurry.


  10. It has been so nice reading your posts lately Jennifer. One can just sense that you are enjoying life. Your flowers look lovely.

  11. Jennifer, Your garden is so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing the photos.


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