Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thrifty Thursday and Miss Abigail Welcomes Spring

Miss Abigail herself. 2 mornings ago, staring at me while I washed dishes, with her toys lined up so I would have to play with her or trip over them. ;0
She's so PURDY.

Several bloggers and friends asked for pics and how she was doing through email.
She is fine and spoiled rotten. ;)

Please excuse the ugly porch. I am getting it painted before it falls off. :P

Thomas, the other house gardener, is loving his Buffet feeding system.
A little much. I think I'm going to call him Garfield now.
Honestly that was the best thing I every invested in.

Wild violets are everywhere. And the Iris's are reaching for the sun. I think they are going to bloom this year. Some years for whatever reason they don't bloom, this year.....yep, I do believe they are happy and will bloom.

And for Thrifty Thursday, this was my find a couple of weeks ago. A wrought iron planter stand.
Very old and very special in one spot. I also got 2 small wrought iron black chairs and a middle tiny table to add some "quaint" to overlook the mountains.

Remember my pink climbing roses over the porch rail?  Well, a certain unhinged individual last year ripped it up. Completely. But guess what? they are coming back! Yeppers you can't put a good thing down for long, because it WILL bloom again, thorns and flowers.

Had to go find the heart climber.

Oh there it is. So I'll put this back together and the roses will once again rise to sunshine!
You can't keep a good thing down.

Abbie said she is a happy girl now. And this furbaby is a smart one too.

The next 2 day are going to be busy ones for me. I will be incorporating some stitchy time. I've been flying on pure adrenaline lately, in a good way. A very good way.
I got so many goodies and there are so many cute freebies in blogland I don't know what I want to stitch up next.
I think Coverlet Birds work though, is on the list.

Hope your Thursday is full of thrifty fun! Listening to Aerosmith for caffeine this morning!



  1. A very lovely post! You are right - you can't keep a good thing down as it will always find the sun! Abbie is such a cutie!

  2. Dearest Jennifer,

    Miss Abigail is lucky for having you! Also your Garfield is enjoying life as it proves.
    What can people do crazy things by ripping out your rose's support...
    Enjoy your spring and sending love and sunshine to you,


  3. Lovely piccys of Abbie. She's just too cute. (And I'm SURE she's rotten, lol. I know my Yes Dear sure is.) Glad your roses are coming back. They're really hardy. I'm so happy about all the green I'm seeing, and the flowers. I love spring!!

  4. There's little Abbie!
    She looks like she just had a bath and fluff. :)
    Your flowers look like they are coming along nicely, and the planter you found is nice.

  5. Love your posts and pictures,Jennifer! I can picture myself sitting and stitching with you on your lovely porch and breathing in the fresh air!

  6. Miss Abbie is looking sassy. Your garden will be beautiful before you know it.


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