Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I'm so glad Spring is here! The birds are singing, it's cool but not cold and the sun is out for the 2nd day! YAY!
So many birds are singing this morning as I sip my hot tea.
I think today is the first day I haven't had to go somewhere or have it full of to-do lists.
I got some flowers yesterday and besides potting those and going to church, I hope to stitch this afternoon and nap. The house cleaning can wait.
I hope your Sunday is peaceful and restful today whereever you are and WELCOME to newcomers here on the blog! I enjoy connecting to friends all over the world who have similar passions and enjoy life daily as the gift that was given to us.

I think it's time for a second cup of Lemon-Ginger hot tea with honey!
Till later,


  1. Enjoy the new flowers you planted. I always enjoy adding to my garden in the spring. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Yum lemon ginger tea sounds delish. Aren't Sundays the greatest! I try very hard to use my Sundays as a day of "rest" the rest of the week is filled with things I "need" to do. On Sundays I never need to feel guilty about saying no. Darlene

  3. Just about nothing better than planting new flowers!! Enjoy!!

  4. I absolutely agree with you Jennifer, sunny days are the best.
    yesterday I saw the first butterfly of the year :-)

    greetings from the Netherlands

  5. Hello Jennifer. I have planted pansies all around the house myself. Pansies make me happy. Started planting a few seeds too. I am stitching too. :)

  6. Dearest Jennifer,

    Glad it is warming up in your area as well. Here in middle Georgia it is unusual warm! When working in the garden, pulling weeds, it was hot already. But doing so, indeed, the concert by happy birds makes you enjoy it no matter how. When the catkins are all down and the pollen gone we're facing a great new season.
    Love to you and enjoy whatever you're doing as well.


  7. We have been enjoying sunny weather here too, it always makes me feel happier and more energetic. Hope you enjoyed your relaxing day.

  8. Sounds like a perfect Sunday plan!


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