Sunday, January 1, 2012

A special sampler in memory of Grace

I want to send out many, many positive thoughts to readers for the best 2012 possible! 

 I know that this past year in review helped me see that true light shines after the rain. I couldn't have spent a better New Year's Eve this year and so looking forward to this year. I have a big smile on my face for many reasons.

God has been so good to me this year even through the ups and downs and I have faith He will continue to be there through all times. I can testify that He puts together a beautiful plan and knows exactly the right time to reveal it.

About this time of year, I always think of my Mama Grace, yes, that's what I called my grandmother that meant the world to me as a little child. She was probably one of the best mentors I had as a very young girl. She instilled in me faith in God, beauty of nature, creativity, joy, music, love, and encouragement.
She had a way with me that I can't even explain, but persisted after her early death in her mid 50's.
She never looked like the typical grandma and had the persistence and grace that I always dreamed to have growing up.

In fact, her name was Grace and she indeed, filled that name well.

She was born and died in the month of December. I'll never forget when I was asleep on Dec 31st, my mother gently brushed my hair back from my sleepy face in bed while the early, early morning was dark and told me, "honey, Mama Grace went to heaven during the night". We had expected it at some point because she had a malignant brain tumor that was caught very late. I watched her go from an energetic woman to a frail, head-shaven, sickly woman in 3 months time. Even though expected, I cried so hard because the world was different after that and my mom was sad to watch her go as well.

I have only good memories of her. I can't think of one moment I would change.

Have you had people close in your life that made such a difference early on?

Do you hold them close in your heart?

I designed something last year for her and then this past week I sat down and let me heart flow again in her memory for another sampler in her honor and memory.

I learned through her, that even through cold, dark Winters, there are some special flowers that still bloom and remain beautiful.

Amazing Grace

designed by Jennifer A Dalenberg

copyright 2012 Feathers in the Nest


I would so appreciate it and if you do stitch up, send me a pic at

and I will display your finish here

Colors and linen of your choice but I suggest:

Gentle Art Deep Sea--darker blue
Gentle Art Huckleberry (lighter, brighter blue)
Gentle Art Strawbonnet (face and hands)
Gentle Art Dark Chocolate --dark brown
Gentle Art Oatmeal (light whiter color blocked around GRACE)
Crescent Colors Frozen Margarita--lighter green
Crescent Colors Weeping Willow
Crescent Colors Heatherleigh (light purple)
Crescent Colors Pansy Purple
DMC 746 off white
DMC 743 gold

I may start on this one soon. I've been so blessed this week that I'm giddy. :)
Amazine Grace,


  1. beautiful sampler..thank you so much for the cute chart..
    sending you hugs
    happy new year
    love cucki xx

  2. Hi Jennifer...what a beautiful but a bit sad post...I know the love you had for Grace...beautiful sampler.
    Thanks for sharing this special time in your life and offering this beautiful sampler.

  3. Very nice sampler. Such a lovely tribute to your dear grandmother.
    You are turning in to quite the little designer, aren't you?
    Happy New Year Jennifer.

  4. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gift of design with us. My Grandmother was very special to me, too. She also gave me a love for the Lord, taught me to crochet and embroider at 4, and was the rock in my life. It was never the same after she went to heaven when I was 11. Thank you for this design - I'm definitely going to make it as a remembrance of her.

    Happy New Year and God bless you!


  5. Very special remembrance post, Jennifer. Such a beautiful sampler you designed!! Here's to wonderful New Year!

  6. Happy New Year Jennifer! I love your tribute to your grandmother. My great grandmother, Nona was the one for me. She was so kind and loving to me and saved my life so to speak.

    Best wishes for a great new year!

  7. Thank you for the lovely memory of your Mama Grace and for her sampler. Hope this year is your best yet!

  8. Wonderful tribute to your Grandmother.

  9. Dearest Jennifer,

    Well that is like a second sermon on Faith today... It is so valuable and you were fortunate for having had your Grandma Grace! She did instill such valuable life's lessons that will travel with you till the end. Sure, I've had a few women in my life like that. Two dear Grandmothers, a special Great-Aunt and an Aunt, my Dad's older sister who died of cancer. They all left footprints in my heart and I'm grateful for that. Also my Great-Uncle was very special and close to me and still is very close. He got his doctorate in literature and was advisor to several bishops in Timor, Indonesia. After he taught first at the Seminary in The Netherlands, than stayed at the Vatican for several years and next over 30 years in Indonesia. I've prayed/talked to him a lot while I was facing my job's challenges in Indonesia and speaking the language my Great-Uncle once spoke so well. Guess he knows and he certainly guided me and it kept me calm all those years and the words always came...
    Okay, that's not your sampler but just an explanation of FAITH within a person's heart.
    Love to you and your Grandma Grace is still very much alive!


  10. Thanks for the lovely new chart. As my name is Grace, and I love Amazing Grace, I will must stitch this one soon. Hope this year is a happier year for you....

  11. Thank you Jennifer for such beautiful charts. What a lovely story you have shared with us. Makes my heart ache a bit. No, I did not have someone special and close to help me as a child. I had a very rough, abusive childhood. Thank God I have found Him. He is my close friend now. Thanks again for sharing your talents and yourself!

  12. What a lovely sampler Jennifer. It's so very beautiful and same time such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother.
    Happy New Year

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