Monday, January 2, 2012

My Color of Pink for the Week

A very special friend, very special sent me THE. most. beautiful. flowers for me to enjoy during my week off and I had them sitting around in various spots of my family room, dining room

and then I wanted to wipe the counters off and made a turn to put it by my picture and said....hummmmmm.....I can't believe there are actually azaelas scattered in this bouquet and it goes so well with this pic that was already on my counter! Isn't this pretty together? 

So I just kept them there for this week. They look so pretty and sent from a heart of gold.
If you read my blog regularly, you may remember when I posted pics of Crescent Hill Baptist Church. This is the church that is actually a historical marker in the local area and I have attended church there and it's very simple and quaint. This is also the one I told you about in April/May where it all started with a long prayer. It's a special place to me. The doors are always open.

these roses smell so good, I can't even explain.

So occasionally I walk by and just sniff roses like those new marker crayons when we were little. LOL

ok, I confess I did love the smell of new crayons as a little girl..........ok on now from confessions......

I just wanted to show you my world of PINK this week!


  1. Beautiful flowers!!
    Enjoy your week off

  2. I remember the church very well as I was so taken with it in the original post. Lovely flowers, it's amazing how flowers can lift the spirits with their beauty.

  3. Dearest Jennifer,

    The color of pink is so beautiful and the memories behind it makes it even a 'deeper' pink...
    Love to you,


  4. BEEutiful pinks dear Jennifer :)

  5. Dear Jennifer.

    Pink is my favorite color. I love your flowers. Here's hoping your day is wonderful.

  6. hello dear,
    most beautiful pink flowers and the sweetest pink post..
    love for you
    cucki xx

  7. Beautiful flowers and how nice that they smell beautiful as well.

  8. Well Jennifer, so nice to hear from you again so soon. What lovely pink flowers you were given. Pink is my favorite color. Have a fabulous week! :)

  9. Beautiful flowers! Wish the computer had smell-o-vision!

  10. Lovely, lovely flowers!! The ones in your bouquet are alstroemeria...they do look really similar to some azalea varieties! They're one of my favorites, too, because they come in so many pretty colors and last so long. Enjoy that gorgeous fragrance!

  11. Gorgeous flowers Jennifer!


  12. I do love the color of your flowers--they are so vivid! It seems that I may have seen a picture on your blog of a small finished project that had some words from the hymn "His Eye is on the Sparrow." Am I imagining things?


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