Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Sunday---have a second.....

There are just some year-long traditions that I've had for a very long time and still it's in my fiber.

Not as in fiber in food but a sweet tooth on Sunday evenings.

 Why? I have no idea but I guess somewhere along the way in my journey I started preparing for the week with something for dessert.

Unhealthy?  yep
Delicious? yep
Did it hit the spot? yep
Does the house smell of chocolate tonight? yep
Is there any other way to fall asleep at night?  (don't answer)
I just thought I would share with you.
I think I earned the calories for I was a busy bee all weekend, moving things here and yonder, scrubbing floors, going up and down the stairs about 20 times in 2 days.
Yep, I circulated the cholesterol.

Hope your Monday Morning wakes you with something sweet!
I already know what's for breakfast.


  1. Oh the torture! I've been craving chocolate lately but so far I have been successful at resisting.
    They look SO GOOD!

  2. Mmmmyum. I think I can smell them from way over here in England! xx

  3. Hey, I have chocolate everyday! And I am not kidding! I love it. I just walk on the treadmill to prevent weight gain. Works fairly well. ;)

  4. I just wanted you to know how inspiring your blogs is, whether culinary, stitchy, or personal. I'm glad you are still here and blogging. I missed you when you were gone. Keep safe and give Miss Abbie a hug and a squeeze.

  5. Oh those look so yummy...grins...I have been so hungry for brownies and now I cannot put them off any longer....chocolate and stitching and reading, my three favorite things. Give Abbie a pat......hope you have a good week.

  6. Thank you Donna, I needed to hear that as I try to explain what is going on, no responses from folks I thought were friends. It's good to know that somebody thinks it's worth it and realizes I'm not a perfect person.


  7. Yum! I enjoy dessert about once a week and always have enjoyed stitching and eating chocolate together. Just have to be careful not to get the chocolate on the piece I'm working on.


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