Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twisted Tuesday---Big and Small

Went camera shopping last night. I'm sighing deeply over which one to get. I do know that my camera is a big deal as well as this little angel that runs the homestead.

Hoping Tuesday brings you joy, peace, and lots of friends and smiles!


  1. That little gorgeous thing there is really a big deal...lol. And she makes sure you know I bet. My Lucy does that too. (Her royal woofiness as we call herl) Although I cannot put a dress on Lucy. She freezes and becomes a statue then....lol.
    But on to the camera!!! I'm now SO very very curious. What cameras are we considering?

  2. Dearest Jennifer,

    Oh, sure that little angel runs your homestead! No doubt about that... Hope you will manage to decide on a camera and enjoy your new purchase!

    Lots of love,


  3. Here's hoping you find a camera that you really like to replace the one that you really liked (before it got broken). Good luck!! BTW, Abbie's dress is too cute!

  4. Oh Abbie, you are too cute in your new outfit.
    And it's your color!

  5. Oh, that is just too cute on Abby!


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