Friday, July 15, 2011

Freaky Friday

Just close your eyes and imagine a freak right now. I can't put a picture out here right now........BUT!~~~

Just a quick note to let all know that if they get some really strange emails from my yahoo account, it's because the account was hacked.

 It has been taken care of up until today but I sent out emails today to several people to let them know that the freaks are out there posing as me, when I'm here. Strange as it may be in this world right now that we have people that have nothing better to do but hack. And hack. And hack.

So, I call this Freaky Friday! ;)

To all hackers out there screwing with my accounts, please go somewhere else as law enforcement has been notified and working on it as we speak. Security measures have been put in place.

To all readers who have gotten weird emails from "me" lately, so sorry but unfortunately like I said, there are some bored, freaky folks in the world.

Well, back to work.
Till later,
the real, Jennifer Dalenberg 


  1. oo hope you get it sorted soon .. they obviously have nothing better to do and must be jealous of you too ??? I keep getting loads of male muslims emailing me go figure ???? love mouse xxxx

  2. Hope it is all sorted out for you real soon.....

  3. So sorry that someone has done this to you. I had it happen once and was very embarrassed about the emails that went out.

    I know that it feels just awful. Just know that I love your blog and really enjoy reading it.

  4. Weird freaky Friday. I heard that now couple of times lately that a yahoo account got hacked and strange emails were sent. Wonder if these hackers have nothing better to do. They should get a hobby at least, if not a
    If they would do cross stitching for example they wouldn't have the time for such nonsense.

  5. Thanks for the update. After opening the mysterious mail earlier in the week, I just deleted my mail (supposedly) from you Thursday without even opening it. Next time I'll try to read again, because then it just might be truly from you!

  6. I hope it's gotten fixed by now, Jennifer. It's such a pain when something like that happens. Wonder why they picked you... Probably because you're so nice, lol.


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