Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday Chatter for things that Matter

Thanksgiving. A time of year to give thanks to all the blessings that we enjoy. In reflection I have many this year:

  • stitching up my own Christmas ornie for the tree
  • thanking God every day for peace, love and joy
  • sipping hot chocolate in late evening
  • plain ole piping hot sweet potatoes fresh from the oven
  • friends I hold so dear
  • family who gave me my special life into this world
  • learning many life lessons and moving forward happily
  • a hot crackling fire in the fireplace on cold nights
  • my ever loving animals that bless me with unconditional love
  • the ability to do what I love and love what I do
  • spare rooms for extra special guests during the holidays
  • encouraging phrases each day that help the day look brighter
  • and for Jesus in my life and only doing His will
  • for a place called home that is filled with peace.
  • cross stitch and all the joy it brings to me and the desire in my heart to continue.
  • the Dutch sampler that has been returned to it's nesting place
I wish for you as you enter the Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate it with those who enjoy journeying with you and if you can't that you stay connected to embrace this bigger journey we call life.

this special little profile that is always giving unconditional love.

This year we could all focus on the negative things, including world events, the economy, the individual challenges that life brings, but I choose today to focus on the many blessings I've been given and could probably fill an  entire page.

I am reminded today of a poem that someone shared with me in an important time in my life. The gentleness, sweet lady walked up to me in church and handed me this poem. Over the 20 years I have memorized it and because it's uplifting and oh, so true, I hope we think on these things.

I heard a key message this week that says You are today what your choices were yesterday and it stuck in my mind and made much sense. That and 1 Corinthians 13 that describes what love is and what it is not are constant reminders to me to be thankful.

As the years roll onward, and leave the past behind
Much I had counted for sorrow, but knew my Lord was kind
That many a longed for flower had a hidden thorn of pain
And many a rugged bypath led to fields of golden grain.

I still have this paper, although worn from years and it applies to many situations to many people. I thought I would share with you this Thanksgiving week and hope that you and your families, and friend have a blessed one.



  1. A wonderful reminder that we all need to be truly thankful every day. Happy Thanksgiving. And thank you for the Dickens freebie design. I love it!

  2. A lovely post with true determination. Cheers to a wonderfully warm Thanksgiving.
    Be always in stitches.

  3. God bless you this Thanksgiving Jennifer. Have a peaceful, wonderful one. Thanks for all your wise, inspirational thoughts. And ooooo Abbie is so cute! ;)

  4. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving Jennifer!

  5. Great post Jennifer! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! So glad your sampler was returned to it's rightful place!

  6. Lovely post Jennifer. Hope you have peace finally and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. So glad your sampler returned home! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Jen! I am thankful that even though you have had a rough year, that you are still with us here in blogland! I always find that counting our blessings can really help push the negative out of focus! I pray you have a wonderful holiday!! Joyful Stitching!


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