Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sundays are for samplers

A couple of months ago I happened upon a spontaneous trip with a good friend for lunch and thrifting. This sampler caught my eye in a flash because of several reasons.

I was taken away with the fact that the initials of the stitcher were the same as my mentor in public health nursing and in 1991, she gifted me with part of her knowledge-base of midwifery and women's health.

The colors are absolutely gorgeous, as well as the frame. Unfortunately, no glass on this one but what a find!!!!!

appears to be stitched on even-weave, praire cloth.

And when I saw this, I instantly thought of MN, Masters in Nursing and in 1991 my preceptorship for a career change began with Diane. Diane made the start of my graduate degree so special and I will never forget her.
Unfortunately, she fought a battle of breast cancer a couple of years after our mentorship and did not win. I can still remember our rides together to many rural clinics in our district in public health.

Many pearls of wisdom I still have are from her.

There is some serious filling of grass at the bottom in a lovely shade of moss green.

The verse spoke to my heart immediately.

I have no idea who designed this sampler. If you know or have seen it before please let me know.

It was just too ironic for the initials, date, and center piece with the birds bringing olive branches.

Every time I pass it, I'm gently reminded of God's promise to never leave us or forsake us, for He has a special place and is preparing a place for us.
Diane didn't stitch but this piece with the verse, the initials, the year and the middle portion, matches her memory that I hold in my heart.
If there is someone that makes a positive change in your life, you are blessed!

Hope your Sunday was a restful one.

Till later,


  1. Dearest Jennifer,

    This is almost unreal for finding so many meaningful resemblances; like it was meant for YOU! Enjoy it and you maybe could put a thin plexiglass (acrylic) to protect for dust. But I do have my 42-color roses cross stitch embroidery on black also without any protection. It hangs on the wall since 1983...
    You have a lot of talents!!! A very special and beautiful lady; inside and outside. Perfect harmony.

    Love to you and your precious furbaby,


  2. Thank you sweetly Mariette. It was a definite blessing for me to find and at such a time I needed to read that. It actually had a small stain on it and I successfully removed it with a dry cleaner cloth. Thanks again.


  3. ohhh that is a beautiful sampler will have a scoot round as the design format seems familiar ... I've actually sung that very verse in the good news bible concert ... :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Wow! What a gorgeous sampler! I believe the pattern is by Margaret and Margaret. kelley

  5. What a find - no, not a find, because "finding" that sampler was a gift. I'm sure you were meant to own it, since it speaks to you so much, whether you ever learn any more about it or not. Thanks for sharing something so special and meaningful.

  6. Jennifer,

    That certainly is a beautiful sampler that you found. The colors are so nice and I love that verse myself also. You were definitely meant to find that one!

  7. How beautiful and meaningful! What a great find, and what a classic design it looks as good today as 20 years ago when it was stitched. Congrats on a great find.

  8. Such a beautiful piece of art and a beautiful story to go with it.

  9. Wow! What a great find!

    It is indeed a sampler designed by Margaret and Margaret. I stitched this design except instead of her initials, I stitched "John 14:2-3" which is the Bible verse that is stitched above that area.

    lol! I can remember stitching all that grass too. Thought I'd never finish.

  10. What a great sampler!! Congrats!

  11. What a beautiful piece. I love this saying. one of my favorites. What a nice find. Some things are meant to be.

  12. Gorgeous and it looks to have found a lovely spot in your home.

    Link to the designer

  13. Thank you to all and I have briefly had a chance to look at Margeret and Margeret's site and YES!!! that is where it's from! Yippee, I get to find other ones to stitch now. I don't know why I haven't heard of those designs before?? Thanks a million!


  14. That sampler was meant for you to find! It is a Margaret and Margaret design! I have it in my stash, just haven't stitched it yet!

  15. What a great find - it was truly meant for you!

  16. What a special find! Some say there are no coincidences, therefore it is a God thing.

  17. As you have already discovered, it is Many Mansions Sampler by Margaret & Margaret! What a fabulous find while you were thrifting! I have stitched this one and it hangs in our great room area.

    Robin in Virginia


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