Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday cleaning around the homestead

I'm not one to sit still long and we knew the porches needed SOOOO much cleaning so BodyGuard and I took a drive to Big Lots and he repainted a bench that I got at an auction ..........about 6 months ago...hmmm.....yep.....and even though we accepted the fact that the porches can't be painted till September due to the Summer afternoon rains.....we went ahead and cleaned the scruffy floors again. It's an endless task.

And it is HOOOOMID right now in North Georgia!

This bench at auction from the rear seat looked about 5 foot........when I won it for 30.00 and went up to get it, it measured 7 foot!  Oops...... so outside on the front it goes.

Makes a great little spot for Miss Flossie Mae to have a cushion to nap on.

Got the cushion at Big Lots, along with this 9 foot outdoor rug. The first time I had been to a Big Lots in 10 years.

 I forgot how fun it was.

At Lowe's we picked up some shade-loving plants but I think this will have to wait a couple of days. Got too tired.

I love porches.

I always have loved porches.

I grew up in a house without a porch but would go sit for long hours down the road at a neighbor's house and rocked till the sun went down! ;)

So, that was an important thing to me when we picked out this house because we both love porches.

And we got plenty of them too.

Changed some cushions in the front porch swing which is quite nice on Summer evenings.

And even though the porch floors are a bit scruffy, we call it Home.

And yes, Flossie Mae has taken well to the outdoors.

She has brought us her first remnants of a mouse to the porch. If you heard a scream, it was me.

She hasn't got used to the "scream" when I see the "gifts" she leaves. Thomas has long gotten used to it but Flossie goes up a tree.

Hanging on and backing down on her own. She has to learn,

while other creatures that are only inside the homestead, resume napping.......

in her Little Black Dress

She's the sweetest furbaby. By the way, she sends out a Father's Day greeting to her doggie daddy who the breeder said is named "Tuff". Yep, she's Tuff's girl. LOL

And this is Home......

Hope you had a great Sunday!  We plan on relaxing for the rest of the evening and resting my eyes for a new day tomorrow.

Good night John Boy.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you have a very inviting home!! I love porches as well and yours look so comfy!

  2. Your porch is lovely Jennifer. The bench and the pillow for little Miss
    Flossie Mae are looking great. Will Flossie Mae be an outside cat only Summer and Winter?
    I hope that your eye is feeling better today.

  3. You have a beautiful home! Love your porch, that bench looks great! I have fond childhood memories of time spent on my grandma's porch. She lived next door to us so I was at her house everyday. Summer evenings on her porch were so special. Sunday afternoons were porch time too with all the aunts, uncles and cousins. Good memories!

  4. Great pictures! It looks very welcoming!

  5. What a lovely house, I adore it, great pictures and a very nice blog !!!

  6. Your porch and your home look wonderful - thanks for sharing!


  7. THAT bench for $30., no matter the length - you l u c k y girl. Uhmmm, what time did you say you went night-night... hee-hee:) Your home is beautiful, l o v e your porch colors and designs, your red tin roof is TO DIE FOR! xoxo

  8. I could just see myself sitting on your porch..... Tea, milk no sugar, thanks!

  9. Wow, your house looks wonderful! All that porch space is awesome, and I love your bench!


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