Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keys to My Heart ~~ The Brave Heart

The Brave Heart
Keys to My Heart series

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

using Gentle Art Fragrant Roses and Brethren Blue on 32 count antique ivory linen

Matthew Brandon is the name in 1986, on one cool September night, to give to my son. He was born almost exactly 1 year after I delivered my deceased son, Aaron, who died at birth.  I picked out the named Matthew as it means "a gift from God" and I felt truly blessed.

 There are many meanings depicted in research for the name Brandon, which is of Irish origin. The one that I really didn't realize would become his passion and who he is, ironically, is the Irish meaning, "Brave Prince".

And that is his strength.

There is personal meaning designed in this sampler.

I think so much of the military is focused on spouses, and they DO need alot of support through war.
From my experience, the military does not address the concerns of mothers of soldiers enough in this area of the country, which I hope I see changed in my lifetime.

During his Afghanistan tour, there were many emotional ups and downs for all extended and immediate family members, as was to be expected by all. I remember rubbing my palms raw at the community send-off ceremony. And honestly, I don't think he is or was mature enough to understand. He will though one day when he has his own. He will.

A Lieutenant called our home during this time for other information from us out of the blue. We talked and exchanged concerns and with the help of the chaplain, who had the kindest heart in the world and I owe alot to him........finally, I expressed it in one sentence. Of course, they hear mothers who are concerned and honestly, the helplessness of it is in need of some attention.

I said in complete random to this highly honorable man, "Sir, you have to remember, you wouldn't have this soldier without his mother/me giving him life."

 Of course, I realize that I have left out fathers in this and did not on purpose as they too, wring their hands and worry and try to support and stay strong.

But, I'm speaking from my heart and where these keys will stay forever regardless of a given situation.

~~~From every moutainside,
Let freedom ring
 from Our Country Tis of Thee


  1. I love your sampler Jennifer, and also the personal meanings in your sampler. And it looks fantastic in that frame too.
    Family members of military members who serve in war situations must feel very helpless at times. I feel for them.

  2. Jennifer, I love your sampler and the words written from your heart about Mother's and soldiers.

    My son, Mike, leaves for Afghanistan tomorrow morning. I write this through tears and I pray that my God will protect him and his squadron as they perform their duties.

  3. I love this sampler and am so proud of all the military men and women that serve our country. I also feel for the relatives of our countrymen and women.

  4. I love your sampler. It is beautiful in the frame-love the frame! I am so thankful to all the military men and women who serve our country every day. You have the kindest way with your sayings and words. I love reading your blog!

  5. What a wonderful finish!! I love designs that have such personal sentiments behind them! Well done!

  6. Dearest Jennifer,

    I had no idea that you too have a son who is serving this great nation under God. Both of us are very, very greatful to ALL those that serve and to all the family members involved. Just this morning we received a great video with a strong message that you would love to read about too. It is about ALL the family...
    Okay, compliments to this design as it is SO POWERFUL! I will put another comment with the info about the video.

    Lots of love and hopefully your eye is okay!


  7. This film was made by a 15 year old girl. It is the hottest thing on the internet and on Fox News today (. Lizzie Palmer who put this YouTube program together, is 15 years old. There have been over 3,000,000 hits as of this morning. In case you missed it, here it is.
    Watch all of it ...... and, pass it on!!!
    She appeared on Fox with Chris Wallace in June of 2007
    So she might be serving right now...

    Lots of love and many THANKS to all who serve and ALL FAMILIES involved. Especially as we are close to celebrating the 235th Birthday of our great nation. We owe our FREEDOM to those who protected us over the ages...


  8. Your post made me think of my grandma. She had all three of her sons in WWII at the same time. Can't imagine how worried she must have been. (No wonder she smoked like a chimney!)

  9. Jennifer,

    Your sampler is beautiful on so many levels. First of all the design is stunning...and the meaning behind it is extremely touching. Thank-you for taking the time to share on this post. I appreciate so much what all the men and women in the armed services do and risk to keep our country free, but the sacrifice is GREAT to those left behind. Being a mother of a teenage son, I can only imagine what you went through while Brandon was serving. You are a strong woman Jennifer and a gifted one at that. What a wonderful talent you have to express your feelings and emotions by creating such a beautiful sampler. Thank-you for sharing youe talent with all of us.

  10. Jennifer what a beautiful post. I love your sampler and beautiful finish. Pat

  11. It must be scary to be in that position. I hate to be helpless to help someone, so I'm sure I would have had a rough go of it!!

  12. Great sampler Jennifer !!! I like that you let them know.. They would not have your son with you giving him life. They families are the one that worry and wait for words from their loved ones in the military.

  13. Your sampler is absolutely perfect in that frame.
    Lovely of you to share the meaning with us all.

  14. I wonder if you know there is a singer called Heather Nova who sings a song called "Every Soldier is a Mother's Son"?
    My niece has just joined the British army and will likely serve in Afghanistan. In our case the soldier is a Mother's Daughter but the sentiment is the same.


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