Sunday, October 3, 2010

My new critter at the house

Just want to introduce my new critter. It has helped me alot!  Helped me figure that I got fabric cuts a bit right on the target!

I love it though, but haven't named it yet. I'm always trying to find my hubbie's work tape measure and it's just too big and bulky for me so when I saw this at The Stitch Store this afternoon (finally made it there!), I thought it would definitely be both useful and easy to find in my bag of stash.

Here she/he is:

The tail has been busy tonight fretting over fabric cuts. Don't you think it is cute????

I turned it over and I think though it might be a she.

Yep, it's a girl!

Break out the pink cigars!  ;)

'Cause girls get the job done!  Honest fact, we all know it. Yep.

They multitask, even if they are slow sometimes, like me on this project.

Whoever made this did a great job and what a great idea too!!!!!

I'll show you a bit more goodies tomorrow night from my shopping trip. But tonight I finally decided, measured, measured twice, checked the design, figured it on paper, figured it on calculator, I think I have every thread I need in order to frame afterwards.

So, names for turtles are popping through my mind as I get ready to sleep........

~~~~ Turtilisa ( helping stitchers measure precious threads, one at a time)  :o

Turtilisa's tail has got to be sore by now. I've measured alot tonight. Maybe even a bit OCD. But have fabric, have threads, have design and ready to rumble.........I did have fun looking through more purples, pinks, mauves, and grays and more today.

Have a great Monday tomorrow. I'll be bahk to show you some more stitchy things tomorrow.


  1. I love turtles so this is a cutie to me. hehe

  2. That is way too cute. My daughter has a desert tortoise and I think she would absolutely adore that one... so I will not show her. LOL

  3. Adorable, and remember the carpenter's saying of "Measure twice, cut once."

  4. So cute!!! I love turtles. That is darling.


  5. This is just too cute! Great job!

  6. That is just adorable. I don't have the talent to do that.

  7. What a useful little cutie! Great acquisition.

  8. great post thanks


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