Thursday, October 7, 2010

My first start on Forever Hope 1819

This week has been quite a challenge as I'm fighting a bad ear infection and have been febrile until last night and this morning. Have to go see a specialist this morning so my post is short. I haven't had an ear infection since age 10 so  don't know what triggered it but I do know it's something that has been lingering for 3 months and then finally with fever and feeling like the flu, I had it checked. I know people in the medical field are the worst patients and wait till we are about dead to get checked but........I digress.

Last night I started Forever Hope 1819, a sampler designed by me for rememberance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. My needlebag is FULL of purple colors. You can watch me along the way because this will be the model piece. I've already picked out a frame but haven't bought it yet. I'm framing this piece in black when finished. I really have a deadline to meet quite fast so I have to get moving on it.

The top border last night finished  using Finley Gold, Argyle Socks, and The Old Oak Tree, in CC. The blend did turn out well interwoven together. 

  I'm stitching this on 32 count Lakeside Linen Attic Lace. It's a very pretty off white color.

Then down to the CC Silk, Empress.  Butta stitching!

 Now this is the most beautiful purple in my stitching bag!

Here is my newest stitch bag I got last Sunday at The Stitch Store. I wish I could have gotten both sizes but trying to budget a bit.

There were several bags with different sampler type cotton trimmings but I picked this one out first. Of course, I loved them all ;)

It inspires me to make this sampler beautiful and really holds more than I thought it would.

This also inspires me and holds more than I thought she would. She is sulking here. I took a shot of her while I was on the sofa stitching. She just watched Fox news with me.

She really has a hard life here.

She is Forever Hoping too. Forever Hoping for one of us to play with her or just hold her because she is truly a lap dog.

So, here I am and where I'll start again on my return from the ear doc today. The bag will be traveling with me to the waiting room, where I'll get to be on the other side of life for a while.

Till later,


  1. You are on antibiotics already, aren't you? Pls. don't delay with an ear infection - can have very serious complications, as I'm sure you know! My close friend had a bout with this a year ago. Lovely stitching on your new start and new bag.

  2. Hope your ear infection gets all cleared up.
    I adore that stitch bag. Just lovely!

  3. I love the sampler project bag. Can't wait to see more progress on your sampler design. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I hate the "I have a fever feeling"!

  4. That stitching bag just seems to me right now like one of the prettiest things I've yet seen--and your new piece is looking good, too; I like what I see so far. :)

    Enjoy The Other Side; it has its pleasures and pains, I'd say. ;) Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hope you feel better Jennifer. I myself, a retired nurse, am getting over the flu and deciding whether or not I have bronchitis. But telling myself if so, great chance it is viral, I will just wait it out before dragging myself to Dr. Next time anyone hears from me I will no doubt be hospitalized for pneumonia! Get better soon.

  6. Jennifer, I hope you've had some good news about your ear and that the treatment will be quick.

    Forever Hope is looking very pretty with that purple, isn't it?

    And I love your new stitching bag, I drag my stitching around in a wrinkled old ziplock bag. You've inspired me to reach a higher level of decorum.

    My son was just reading my comment and said to me 'you're going to make a bag aren't you?'. He knows me well!

  7. astitchersheirlooms.blogspot.comOctober 9, 2010 at 12:17 AM

    By now, hope that you are on medication and that your earache is much improved. Can't wait to see your progress on "Forever Hope 1819" sampler! I absolutely love the beautiful purple sampler stitching bag! Where is "The Stitch Store" located?


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