Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Matters--Progress on DV sampler for coalition in Sydney, Australia in November

Tonight I came straight home, and delved right into getting this sampler going.

 Time is limited on it. Last week I didn't have alot of energy but this week I'm determined and my will is renewed to complete this project. I'm on a mission.

This is how far I got while I plopped on the sofa in my favorite sweatpants and T-shirt with glasses and threads everywhere, bag full of plums, purples, and golds and my rough draft design of which I'm following and tweaking along the way.

Please pardon the randomness of this thread disarray. This is the way I work mostly but I did stay up last night till 1am getting my newest and oldest Crescent Colors (most of them) in alphabetical order on a ring.

Working on Week's Dye next.

Here's my progress so far. I have so much to do. I stitched this piece of 32 count Attic Lace linen on the Z frame and got it set up to go last night. This sampler will be framed in black, I do know that and I have chosen mostly bold purplish pallette for the remembrance sampler.

The color of the small heart is CC Heatherleigh. This is the first time I've used this color but it's very pretty and blends well.

The darker purple is CC Belle Soie Silk Empress. It's very brilliant purple and SMOOTH to stitch.

I have clipped a new Mighty Brite light , the larger clip version on the frame and the LED lights are perfect for stitching anywhere. I found it at Books a Million bookstore.

 The clamp is large enough for frames and the light is tiny but very bright.

Yes, I'm curled on the sofa with a quilt, glasses, Mighty Brite and frame and my stitching bag full of colors.
It's cozy while I catch up with the news and of course, Nancy Grace cases. They put things in perspective sometimes. ;)

Have frame----will travel.

This is my work area as I have it. A mess I know. But the finished product will be pretty!!!

The design should finish for a frame 9 x 14 or so.......we'll see. A vintage black frame is my goal and I have seen one this size that will work. If not, my hubbie is going to make one for me and I'll paint it and frame it myself. Got to economize......

onward to the week.
till later,
stay safe!


  1. Oh, your sampler will be fabulous when complete! Yesterday - I looked at the table beside my stitching chair -- eegad, what I mess. Seeing your disarray makes me feel better. No need to be perfect -

    Smiles - Denise

  2. This looks great so far, can't wait to see more!

  3. The sampler's coming along nicely, Jennifer!

    Putting floss into alphabetical order sounds like a great idea- its funny how the desire to do things like this come to us when we've got lots to do!

  4. You are off to a gorgeous start. LOVE those colors!! I bought my DH a mighty brite for his birthday and he uses it at the piano to read his music.

  5. I like the purples you are using. I just found a Teavana near me. I spent a little time in there and they were kind enough to let me smell several varieties. I bought just a little as they are pricey. What is the tea that you like so much?

  6. Congrats on getting your flosses in order :) I have one of those mighty bright lights too.


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