Friday, October 15, 2010

Girl talk

Had a good, long day of stitching while watching my favorite TV shows.

Wished I lived closer to a Needlepoint Guild.

Ate more fried food than I should have.

Ate more candy corn than I should have.

Found out now I'm spoiled stitching with silk. But, oh what a dream it feels like flowing through linen!

watched Abbie drag her food bowls over for me about 8 feet to feed her some of my supper.

Wished my kids would call sometimes just to say hi. Hello?????

Using my new IPHONE like I've owned it a year now.

Did absolutely ZERO housework or cooking today.

Realized summer is definitely over. Temps in the 30's tonight in the mountain valleys.

Realized that no matter how hard we try, sometimes, it's just not meant to be.  Let it go.

Embracing change.

Ordered the perfect framed for my sampler today. Felt good.

Realized when one door closes, another one really does open.


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I love your new sampler and the progress you've made. Sometimes we need a day of "pampering" ourselves.And just do nothing :)

    Every thursday night, my local needlework shop stays open late so we can have a stitch in. And boy, do we! Do you have a local needlework store? Maybe they can stay open late one night a week. It's so much fun and such a great way to relax.....I wish it for you too.

    Take care and have a great weekend. Give that cute little Abbie princess "poo" a snuggle from a blogger friend.

  2. So glad you had a good stitching day, and that you were able to order the sampler frame - now if you can just ship it!

    I had to laugh at your Abbie tale; one night not long ago my four-legged pal also did some dragging - his bed, from against my dresser, about, oh, say two feet (!) right up to the edge of my bed to be really close to me. He is allowed in bed, but for some reason he wanted his own bed AND his mamma, Go figure!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day! We all need one of those now and then. I am loving your sampler so far and am on pins and needles wondering what comes after "C". ????

  4. That sounded like a pretty good day over all. Love the prpgress on the sampler and can't wait to see more.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day stitching and being!

    Sorry to hear you ate too much candy corn - just exactly how much is too much. Don't eat the stuff myself. I like chocolate!

    Smiles - Denise

  6. Well, Jennifer, sounds like you were just where you ought to be and enjoying it...:) nice work, too.


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