Sunday, October 10, 2010

Abbie and me on the porch this afternoon

My attempt to make a cushion cover is a bit ragged but after I machine-sewed the material on the sides, both BodyGuard and me turned in all kinds of contortions on the porch trying to stuff the very long cushion into it.

Then afterwards, he says to me....."hey, how are you going to sew these ends?"

Hmmm.......well, hand sewing now. Definitely not taking it off and rolling in the floor with it again to fit it back in. :0

So in the interim, Abbie is clinging to the chaise as if I made this for her new home. She is loving the chaise because the weather is so pretty today and I don't blame her.  If I didn't have other things to do around the house, I would be lying in it right now and I may just do that this evening. I think stitching here tonight with my new Mighty-Brite small light may be in order later on.

Got out my pumpkins and Fall decor and put a little shelf up in the kitchen, changed out the kitchen curtains, and made the center island, wooden bowl full of Fallish things, like pumpkins.

In the busy rustle of things, the Labs are also enjoying the weather by sleeping upside down in their dog house. This pic was taken during all the commotion with the cushion on the back porch. Nothing wakes Ruby.

I would show you a picture of the section of painted boards that I thought was primer.....since it was a lavender gray.....but it's not, it's supposed to be the porch paint. I looked out in the morning sun and asked BG if that was primer and he said, no that is the paint.......he said

"deck paint only comes in 3 colors"

He may as well have said.......  anything  ........By then I was biting my fingernails on how NOT to hurt his feelings because we really needed this painted but not in Lavender Lace. I gave up on trying to explain the difference in cool colors and warm colors. He gave me a very blank look and he didn't really know about picking out colors......

 Well out in the sun, it glows so we have to start over with that project. We have alot, alot of porches to paint before the leaves fall.

This is Ruby at the top. She is the matriarch of the whole pack. She's the "laid-back" one. Of course, she favors Body Guard and my Lab is Raven, the "goofie, hyper one".  They come alive about 9pm, at which they bark at everything and run around the house, like it's a Chuckie Cheese.  What's really funny is that have a real bear in the yard some nights.....LOL

And then, there's Abbie, who absolutely has fallen in love with the chaise on the porch and thinks I'm trying to make a cushion cover just for her lounging in the afternoons. She did try to "help" me put this on. ;)

I wonder if she will let me finish hand sewing the ends. This is about the time I think that one of those hand sewing machines would be a nifty item to have around the house!

so the Sofa Queen turned Chaise Queen today. She's sporting her new sweater.

This is her Princess bowls we got while we were in Chicagoland.

Yes, she is spoiled..........rotten.

I made a little runner to put on the kitchen island from some fabbie in my stash.

Put up a little shelf I got at a thrift store about 2 months ago. I have a big weakness for hearts....literally.....I love hearts. I had a very large shelf like this in my older house that the buyer wanted to stay with the house and I caved but there were many times I wished I had brought it with me. This little shelf is smaller but reminds me of the one I had in my old kitchen. It has a groove for plates at the top but I put a very old stitched piece on it that I've had for about 5 years now, I bought at auction. It's a very pretty monochromatic piece and very colonial.

This sampler to the left I stitched and is one of The Sampler Girl Designs. I really love it and it stays there every season. For interests, her website is the must check it out!

I put some dried flowers through my hanging basket holder.

Didn't really get a good picture of my kitchen curtain change due to the camera and the lighting but I changed those out. Summer curtains are tucked away.

And put some of my stitched pieces around in different places.  The cupboards are almost bare as emptying the dishwasher is next on my list of things to do. Don't you love emptying the dishwasher??????

Men totally do not understand this nesting and re-arranging thing that many women (including myself) do each season but it really is comforting in many ways, or to me it is. It's just a way of cozying up the house and making a home, a home. And it's not that this is a bad thing. I think we just think differently. God made us that way.
Men think functional and practical.
Women think about the big picture and sentimentally.

But this is just my opinion, I could be very wrong and I know this is just a generalization of what I've encountered. It's kinda like Ying and Yang.....LOL

So, can you see Waldo in this picture?????  hint, in the lower left corner.

Well, more to do, so best get busy. Sunday nights are the busiest for me. By then, I'm rested up, and new energy sets in for the Monday morning, which is a good thing!

No cooking tonight....Wendy's Chili with fries for supper.


  1. I enjoyed seeing your fall decorating and I did see that cute little face in the corner! Most men do not understand the whole idea of decorating for the seasons. They don't understand our nesting needs and just think we are making more work. Of course one person's work is another one's pleasure!

  2. Beautiful pictures and especially of Abbie and Ruby!

  3. Hello I discover your blog of France, your decorations are wonderful, but then your dog is magnificent and its small garment is adorable with flowers I am a fan
    Best regards marylin

  4. All of your Fall decorating looks pretty Jennifer.
    Cute pic of Abbie on the lounge, I think it's "hers" now. lol
    Love her little pink Princess dishes, too darn cute.

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  6. I think your decorations look great. Abby is so adorable.


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