Friday, September 17, 2010

Our day of coming back home......sad farewell.

If planes make you queasy, you might want to skip this post........honestly, I try to make a good time out of every adventure and while Abbie was tucked under my seat in her little carrier, quiet and lady-like, I took 154 pictures of the clouds and the sunset as we entered Atlanta tonight.

I'm always amazed at clouds. After I get past the giddiness of take-off, then I'm usually ok, unless the plane rocks through clouds, then I'm a bit nervous.
But this trip home, was neat because I got to see the sunset ABOVE the clouds.

I think I said, Look, Look, to BG a hundred times and he is thoroughly worn out with my energy today.

Up above the clouds that look like a big bunch of cotton. Oddly leaving Chicago, it was a cloudy day, the first cloudy day on the whole trip. But once above the clouds, we could see the bright sun again, until it set near Atlanta.

Abbie did perfect on this trip. She never slept, just sat and watched, only barked once at the airport but it was followed by interests in her cutesy self.
Everybody wanted to know her name and how old she was.

I had it coordinated from 1) throw treat in box 2) stitch a while and then 3) snap pictures.

This is Getting Away with Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl. I'm making a lovely sampler to remember our vacation. Stitched on 32 count Vintage cream Belfast linen. LOVE IT!

BG is opposite from me on plane trips. He tilts his head back, I give him a kissie and he's set for the ride.
Me?  I'm ready for adventures. I spread my whole needlework across 2 seats.

Night night, honey

Here are some clouds that resemble condyloma......LOL....ok, TMI but it's almost time to go back to work...........I refrain.

The plane, the plane.......remember that program in the seventies????  LOL

the sun is out now after we got past all those clouds.

Oh, how beautiful the sunsetting was. I couldn't capture the beautiful colors through the window and I don't think the pilot would like for me to open .....

Beautiful peach, oranges, blues and whites.

I prayed for that wing to stay intact until we landed.

About this time, I told BG this white was Crescent Color Cloud. He said Wha?

Bye, bye Sept 16th

I think the entire US was cloudy.

Are we home yet?

Yep, approaching Atlanta now.

Touch down is a beautiful thing.

But we miss Grandma, Noi and Paul and Pepsi

Bye Grandma, hope to see you again one day. Her birthday is in 2 weeks. She will be 92.

We had good food and fun on our trip. Just what we needed. There's nothing like family that love you.


  1. I love looking at clouds too! And those were gorgeous! Glad your trip was good for you, but sad it went by so quickly... That was a quick two weeks, huh? Bummer.

  2. What a great trip. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the sunset. I hate flying but I have to say the pictures didn't bother me at all even knowing just where you were. lol

    Glad you had a nice relaxing vacation.

  4. Oh WOW - great pics but I'm an aisle girl. LOL Glad you had a wonderful trip.


  5. Love all the pics Jen! It's hard to say what the clouds look like from the angle above them. Looks like cotton, then snow, then something else. Ilove the ones here you see the Sun shining on top of them . Very cool! You'd have to drug me to get me on a plane though! LOL Glad you had fun on your trip!

  6. Great pics! So glad that you had a wonderful time. I'm sure it will feel good to be at home again though!

  7. I love flying, but have a serious fear of heights. Go figure! The last time I flew anywhere was to Lincoln, NE by way of Detroit, MI. I was able to visit my mom and aunt during my layover and got some cool pics coming into Lincoln from the plane. You know what's even better than sunset from 30,000 feet?! Sunrise! Having lived in the southwest for 10 years, I was able to catch a couple of red-eyes to MI and sunrise is spectacular!!!

  8. Lovely cloud and sunset photos. Grandma looks great for 92!

  9. Love those pics; they are amazing!!!! and I know what condyloma is (EWWWW); I work for a hospital, LOL!!!
    Thanks for sharing your vacation pics.


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