Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dabbling with Dutch motifs and Nesting

This morning I feel so much better after a long rest and a very long day yesterday. Hubbie is already ahead of me on getting a jumpstart to chores and I'm at the dabbling again with designs. I haven't stitched this of course, yet but this is another one I wanted to share with you. This is the second Dutch motif I want to stitch for our Christmas tree this year and then when the holidays are over, into the big ole wooden bowl in the kitchen for fillers.  Want to stitch today with me?

A Dutch Motif Ornie---August
A Tree of Life

  I did design this for the following colors

lighter blue---CC Blueberry Tart
darker blue--CC-Blue Beatrice
darkest gold--- GAGrecian Gold
lighter gold--GA Buttercrunch
the birds--GA Maple Syrup
the birds legs--GA Cinnamon

but any combo you like is welcome. I tend to like blues and golds with Dutchey motifs.

Fabric is of choice.

You can sub your own initials, or any dates of interest to you.

Again, this is a freebie design and not meant to be sold. Thanks so much. Please share with stitching friends and credit to Feathers in the Nest is much appreciated.

Inspired by many things that floated through my mind on the driving there and back, I am reminded that life is in the hands of God and just as Fiona Cleary in The Thornbirds said:

I don't know, and never will how much of our lives we-re allowed to choose, and how much is decided long before we are born.

Such a statement of truth.
Here are few things I got from this week's rummaging through a thrift store. I actually went one day because they had an old, old rocker just on the front and Body Guard said to stop and take a look as one of our's on the back porch had seen it's better days. I did go back and get the rocker. It's wooden and is a glider, rocker. I had to replace the cushion. I'll have to show you a pic when I get the back porch a bit straighter. It's a mess right now!

So, I did go in and found a wooden angel. I'm not sure where she will sit at the homestead. Maybe on the porch or maybe in the kitchen.

and a basket, all for less than 4.00. I love baskets so for 2 bucks I couldn't resist.
I need to get my fingers moving faster and stitch some bowl fillers.

The chain of hearts, grapevine, I found several weeks back for 50 cents and couldn't resist.

I also saw this for almost a giveaway---fabric in beautiful colors.

almost 2 yards 

I'm into the fixing of the nest again. Must be the slight change in the air and the sunshine today.

I've seen this shade of teal in quilt stores. I'm not sure if this is a line of fabric for Ovarian Cancer awareness or Breast Cancer awareness.....I thought maybe some quilters could tell me about it.

As you can see I've got my mug of coffee ready to be filled again. Thank goodness for DECAF!!!

I hope your Saturday is filled with something colorful, something fun-filled, and meaningful too!
Just wanted to share of piece of my Saturday with you.  ; )

Onward to nesting today,


  1. What a great Saturday you are having. What finds in the Thrift Shop. I must start going to them here in the U.K. where they are called Charity Shops and I supposed the word Charity is what stops me from going in them because I really love what you got.

    Thank you so much for the chart - it is really lovely and shall be stitched by me.

    That fabric you got is just too gorgeous for words. What are you going to use it for? Just my innate curiosity get the better of me.

    Patti xxx

  2. Hey Patti!

    I don't know yet what I will do with that fabric but I knew it had to go home with me....LOL

    By the way, I got your address and will be sending out your package on Monday. Enjoy!

    hey, Pilar, hope you are having a great day and you're so welcome. I had fun with it this morning.


  3. Very cute design! You are really doing well in the design department!!!

    That fabric is beautiful...great finds!!!


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