Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taking a little break on my journey

For the ones that read this morning and yesterday's post I apologize for any hurt I caused. I am dealing with alot right now and the internet is not the place to do it. I never mean to cause harm but usually I do somehow.
I deleted them but I never meant for it to be a source of problems.
I will be back. I need a break. I have some major problems right now and that makes the minor ones feel like the major ones too.
I apologize for the self-loathing recently and will return when I feel I am in better spirits.
I feel if I don't take a break, then I will just hurt another and another and another and that is not from my heart at all.
I wish I could be better than I am at alot of things and I've tried but I get into trouble when I say what is on my mind and not think first. I'm a very sensitive person, which in someways is a good thing but in alot of ways its not so good.
I will be back. I just need some time. And, again, I apologize for any down feelings this has caused.
Blogging was the one thing, besides stitching, that was a grounder for me. I looked forward to it everyday, writing and reading others writings. But, I know when I need a break and I'm sorry for anything I've caused to any reader of this blog or readers who have left.
I have some serious, serious conditions around me right now that are rippling into every aspect of my life and I need a break right now so that I don't screw up something else again.

Till later and promise to be back again.


  1. I am sorry that you are leaving blogging for a while. I hope that you come back soon as I will miss you. Your comments have never offended me or made me think any less of you.
    Take a walk in the sun and look at the sky, the trees, and maybe some wild flowers. What a treat!
    Please come back soon!
    Stitch more often!

  2. I agree with Susan! Take good care of yourself - there are many who care about you. And I love your new banner! ~Kat

  3. I look forward to reading your blog and will miss you. I have never been offended by anything you write and can't understand how someone would. Take care.

  4. (((HUGS))) Sometimes we all need a little time exhale all that's weighing us down and inhale some clean, fresh air.

  5. I recommend to you the book by Rhona Byrne "The Secret".
    Take care
    Please, come back soon!!

  6. I'm concerned about saying this in a way that I won't be misunderstood.

    I don't agree with or like *everything* you have "ever" covered here on your blog. Once or twice I've been simply bored by a topic. Some of your political views strike me as silly, and give me the impression that manipulative people (mass media) have your ear and lead your opinions around by the nose. And, sometimes it's hard for me to read your comments about your son because I'm dealing with issues with my own mother which are bad right now, and have a not-impartial tendency to be emotionally hostile towards the parents in a "Parents vs. Adult Kids" situation.

    So, what's the point of this negativity?

    It doesn't matter. If you're saying something I don't like, I can just skim to what I do. This is your blog, for you to write about what you want and need to. My part is to read it if I like and comment if I feel I have something I want to say. *shrug* Overall, I still enjoy you as a blogger, and look forward to seeing your stitching, pets, and decorating. You're okay by me. :D

    I recently saw a saying stitched into something: "Faults grow thick where Friendship grows thin."

    Too true. Why can't we just gloss over others' faults and concentrate on the good. You have two choices about people: Take them where they are or not at all. I can't see where you've done anything relationship-breaking on this blog. I've read some things where you were obviously "having a day", and a mature person will either choose to encourage you or just let them pass. Don't let people who don't have the maturity to miss an opportunity to take others to task get under your skin.

    Happy Stitching, Happy Living, Happy "Everything". I'll look forward to seeing some stitching and other updates from you whenever it suits you. You're in my reader, so I definitely won't miss it. :D

  7. Good friends are treasures. they nurture me with enthusiasm and help me reflect on myself with their honest feedback. They become a constellation around me, a network in which I feel located and oriented.

    by Maureen Brady

    Jennifer, I borrowed this quote from your blog. Take the time you need to reflect, to heal, what ever you need to do. Those of us that accept you for who you are will be waiting to hear from you when you are ready!

  8. This is your blog and like the saying goes "I may not always agree with what you say I will defend your right to say it. "

    Or something to that effect. :)

    I'll miss your lovely photos and news of dear sweet Ren and the other four footed children so don't stay away too long. Just enough to replenish.

    Enjoy the warmer days of Spring sunshine. The trees budding and the flowers beginning to grow. Spring is a time to renew and reawaken with the rest of nature.

  9. Jennifer, I love reading your blog. You are the person who knows when you need a break. Your blog has never offended me in any way. This is your blog and your feelings. It is your life that you live each day. No one else really knows your heart best than you. I am praying for all the soldiers and your family. Please take care. I will still be here beside you.

  10. I am sorry you are having a hard time. Please know if you need to talk you just need to holler. (golden-angel@cox.net)

  11. Take care and come back soon! You will be missed!

    Robin in Virginia

  12. Hurry back....keep on stitching, it's a soothing experience and will
    help give you peace.
    I will be praying for you...

  13. Take care and come back soon! You will be missed!

  14. Hi Jennifer, I'm so sorry you're leaving for a while. You have many friends out here in blogland who will miss you. Come back soon, refreshed an renewed. Blessings my friend.

  15. Jennifer - Take the break you need from blogging but not from stitching. We stitchers know the calming and relaxing benefits we gain from our stitching.

    Remember opinions are like....well, you know, and everyone has one. I enjoy your blog and skim the entries that don't pertain to me.

    Hang in there girlfriend and remember you will be a much happier person and a much better friend when you are true to yourself. We all can't be everything to everyone.....we tend to lose ourselves then.

  16. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I will miss you and your blog during your break. Hurry back!

  17. I haven't had time to read blogs lately so I don't know what you're talking about. But I thought that's what blogging was for, your own place to speak your mind. I can't imagine your hurting other's feelings. I've only known you to be pure sweetness. I hope you get feeling better soon as I know TONS of people look forward to your daily bloggings. I just wish I had more time. But busy cross stitch store owners rarely have much time for things other than work I'm finding.

  18. Take time for yourself and take a deep breath. We'll be here when you get back. :-)

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  19. I have not been visiting blogs in these last few days and do not know what happened but want to say one thing. I love your blog and my visits with you. Your blog is your home place and you should be you here. Please remember than there are people out there who may voice opinions that are not always kind but they are reflection of themselves not of you. You are a dear person and I hope you will wake up each morning remembering to be dear for yourself. Take a break and, if you need a friend, I am an email away! Use your stitching as a therapy to keep in touch with yourself and hug dear Abby and DH alot. That will get you through. I hope you might stop in and say hello now and then as I will miss you.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  20. I forgot that I've been meaning to tell you how much I like your current banner; your home pics always look so cozy!

  21. reflect, appreciate nature, enjoy the time with loved ones, there is always hope!


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