Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reading The Shack

Today was a busy day off. I went out of town on a long trip and had to take care of some personal business but the trip was quite long and I'm very tired. I wanted to say that I read the first chapter of The Shack this past week, put it down, and knew instantly this would be a good book but had other stuff I had to busy myself with.

While my hubbie drove, I picked it back up and read half the book today and I want to finish it tonight but at midnight, I know I should be getting to bed because 6am will come soon enough! This book has really touched me and I highly recommend it. Without telling the whole story here, just want to say it's definitely a book for anyone who has been through some really challenging times, and those especially who think God is not a part of their life or a punative God.

I don't know if it is by chance that I finally came to read this book right now during Mother's Day week but it is very ironic that I can relate to Mack, the main character, in the book. Even though the book is fiction, I find it very inspiring and comforting to read. There are metaphors in the book that stimulate alot of deep thinking, and when you lose a child, just like Mack in the book, there are many times of deep thinking, soul searching and reasoning with "why".

Sometimes we may never know why, but the important thing to keep thinking is that God is not punative and this may contradict many traditional strict religious church-goers. This book really emphasizes that we do not have to go to church to have a relationship with God. Just different kind of thinking here, especially for those of us Baptists-raised folks.

off to bed............

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