Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Find a Ray of Sunshine

Thomas says to find a ray a sunshine somewhere in the day and soak in it!
Today I------
  • ate lunch with the Bodyguard at the IHOP today
  • heard from Meghan at college
  • saw a man and woman hold hands and pray before they ate at the IHOP
  • finalized plans today to get a new car tomorrow
  • realized pain is much better in my neck and arms
  • talked and giggled with my wise friend, Dot, on the phone for over an hour
  • didn't cook supper, had a simple can of soup
  • watched Larry King
  • wished there were more hours in a day
  • realized Ren can't hardly hear anymore. Still hold him and love him though and he recognizes me by touch.......or a heated up biscuit in the oven drafting over the door.
  • tried to get current news on the conditions in Afghanistan
  • realized this is hump day and we're on the downside of the workweek tomorrow
  • prayed to see Brandon at least one time before he leaves

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