Thursday, May 21, 2009

Found a frame

I had my eye on a frame which would be suitable for the New Amsterdam 1624 sampler that I am working on. Finally, got this one on ebay and at a very good deal. This comes with glass too but I'm not sure if I will put the glass on or leave it off. I'm excited about finishing this piece and hanging it right by my fireplace.

Today I have a laundry list of things to do but will see how many I can accomplish today on my day off. I'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend. I'm in a cleaning mood......not really cleaning mood......but weeding out things that really need to go. It's funny how we all hang on to our "stuff". Maybe I will put some things on ebay and make a few bucks to trade for stitching stash stuff.

Thomas is enjoying the hummingbird feeder on the porch. He is perched in one of the front porch rockers this morning and lazily dazing upside down at the hummingbird feeder. Just put some food in it, but have had it awhile. We'll see how much entertainment this will be for Thomas. We have a large front porch and at night we sit on the swing and watch Thomas running and swatting through the air at moths. He is quite the comedian. One night last week he caught a mouse in the yard and almost brought it to the front door for us to praise him for his efforts! He just doesn't understand that I don't love his mice like he does!

Ren has lost his hearing and we really realized that this past week. He walks feebly most days but not in pain. His appetite is still very good and he still recognizes me through touch. He recognizes Phil's touch with a growl still! LOL He is funny but such a "one-owner"dog.
I'm planning to take him to the park this weekend to get out and walk around in the grass.


  1. The frame is gorgeous and will look wonderful on your stampler.

  2. Thanks, I really am excited about this one! Found this on ebay, with a good return policy but I think it will work perfectly for the sampler.

  3. That frame is just lovely Jennifer! I'm looking forward to seeing your sampler framed.

    You asked the other day about Tulip for my Love. It is hard to find but Lydia at Wyndham Needleworks ordered it for me and it came, 2 months later! Patience is required but it will be worth it!


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