Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ready for a Long Winter's Nap

Ren is tucked in for the night, fresh blanket after his late supper. He had to settle for dog food tonight and so he is pouting just a little.
Today I actually had enough time to take a lunch out of the office and I needed it so I drove over to Books a Million and rummaged through some books, had a cookie and large Cafe Mocha. There is just something relaxing about reading and going through book stores. I finally resorted to getting the Jane Austen novels which are all in one book. The cafe mocha was GREAT! The only thing -- I asked for decaf but I think they made me fully leaded caffeine because I was zipping around pretty fast this afternoon. But I"m winding down now.......well.....I actually should be as it is after midnight. I heard that we may get a big snow on Monday or Tuesday. Hmm, that would make some good Jane Austen reading.....................................Here's wishing and hoping for a blizzard of 5-6 inches.

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