Monday, April 3, 2017

Reasons I Love Abbie

~~~~~~~~ because she will model anything I knit with leftover yarn

~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she just has that face and eyes that tell me she loves me

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she never tires of being held even with a needle moving up and down

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she will wear anything I finish making

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she can totally be the sweetest

~~~~~~~~~~~because she knows what I'm thinking and listens

~~~~~~~~~~and listens more

~~~~~~~~~~~and shows me how comfy home is to her

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~almost too comfy even in an Easter dress

~~~~~~~~~~~~because she is my right hand assistant blogger

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and never misses an opportunity to give me a kissie kiss

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she always seeks out the light

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and seeks out the attention matter of factly

~~~~~~~~~~~and even covertly (if that is a word)

~~~~~~~~~~because she enjoys the sunshine

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and the night time

~~~~~~~~~~~~~and will travel with her love as well to share with others


  1. I LOVE this. Thank you. Cathryn :D

  2. And she loves you just as much!

  3. Jennifer: What a sweet post, thank-you for sharing, Abbie is so cute and cuddly looking.


  4. Awww, yep Abbie is full of love I can always count on!!
    and you are so welcome, I love to share if I can to brighten your day.

    Take care!

  5. Little Abbie is sooooo cute, what a sweetheart.


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