Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Binding Off a Shawl in Picot Lace with Pink Merino Wool Fingering Weight Yarn

Picot Bind off or Cast off is particularly pretty on some shawls or garments. I decided for contrast to add a picot bind off. This is my second time I have done one so it's taking me a little bitty while it seems.

There are several free written instructions on the internet and Ravelry, You Tube videos, etc.  to create different "peaks" in the lace but the one I chose is:

After finishing the pattern and starting to bind off, first cast on 2 stitches on the left hand needle using the backwards loop method.

Then knit 2 stitches, taking the 1st stitch over the 2nd stitch as in regular bind off, leaving one remaining stitch on the right needle.

Proceed knitting the next stitch, then take the stitch over the one knit again leaving one on the right hand needle.

Continue until a total of 4 stitches are bound off. 

Then, put the 4th stitch back over to the left needle and repeat with backwards loop cast on 2 stitches, and continue.

This shawl is of course not blocked yet with lace blockers. Can't wait to block this out!

It's already pretty big. And Pretty Basic. That's the name of the pattern on Ravelry for free here

Here is my progress so far:

at the half-way point of casting off

I have enjoyed this pattern a great deal. Although the colors in the first pics are off a bit, you can see the true color in the last pic.

I can't wait to use my new knitting wires for lace shawls!!!

Got those on Amazon HERE

And this last pic is the real color reference!   

My previous Fuji 8200 just cannot pull the close ups and color for me
so Mr. Darcy is going to show me how to use his FANCY camera tonight~~~~~ YAY!
I need it because I'm hoping to get some items in my Etsy shop real soon and also to blog with better pictures.

My heart is wanting to cross stitch something again real soon but..........I also want to cast on another project. Two loves of mine, wish I could do both at the very same time.

Stitching is good for the soul. It just is. I think anything on the needles helps me every day.

I had an MRI today on my shoulder as I am having a rotator cuff issue after a fall in November.
And the funny thing was I took my project bag with me and the man giving me instructions said to me as I was clinging to my work, "mam you will need to put that in this locker while you are getting the test done".

Of course I knew that! BUT.....but.....but.........."let me get to the end of the row, ok?"😃

Am I the only one that says that? Mr. Darcy now says, "when you get to the end of the row,.......then........whatever

I had to look back and laugh at myself on the way home.

We are having some wicked thunderstorms here right now. Methinks it's best to get off this computer and real soon!

What's on your needles today?

Till later,


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  1. Dearest Jennifer,
    Your picot binding off looks really neat!
    Had to laugh with wait, till I'm at the end of the row... I can relate to that!
    Sending you hugs and hope your shoulder will be well soon.


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